Friday, November 9, 2018

Lost Love πŸ’•

        It was a new life entirely. Beautiful place with adorable and appealing creatures. I moved into this new environment at my young age. It's difficult for me to take my eyes off all these gorgeous creatures around here. 
Women are just irresistible.  I found out I could do anything I wanted in this great place. God bless this country. I got myself hooked up with all this enticing ladies. I party with them all nights, for real! Life is beautiful. I never lied to my ladies though, they all knew I have a great wife at home. I even called my wife ‘my mother’ because she's everything to me but these side chicks were just too much. I actually get involved with them and I enjoyed their company. 
I had a blast on my 50th birthday. My ladies spoiled me. After the birthday party, I went home to my motherly wife. I was always happy to return home to her. I called her, ’honey!’ but I heard my voice echoing back at me. What's happening here? I gently walked to her room with my eyes closed, then I opened my eyes but to an empty room. Oh no!!! This  is not happening I was soliloquizing. Right there, I knew my life's empty. My entire life is ruined. I couldn't stop myself from weeping bitterly. Then I got a flashback on how my lovely wife would cry all night on me. She did everything just for me to stop my bad behavior concerning my side chicks. She would even dress cute sometimes and sit in the living room waiting for me to take her out but I never looked at her. I ignored her because I knew she's my wife and she would forever be my wife. I learnt my lesson that freedom is not always what it sounds like but a nice way to ask anyone to build his own world just the way he would like to live in it. 
I can never be happy with any woman because I have lost my true love which comes once in a life time.We should never take anyone for granted in this life. The journey of Life can be successful when you think before taking any step.

Friday, October 26, 2018

My Angel ❤️

          The rain refused to stop pouring. My clothes were soaked and I could not even find a bus to take me to a safe place. It was a mess and I was helpless. I gave up trying to avoid the rain then I sat on a brick waiting for what would happen next. 
Just a few minutes of sitting on the brick, I saw a creature, tall with straight legs. Spotless skin with natural beauty. She wasn't wet because she was holding an umbrella that shielded her from the rain. Then she cut my eyes on hers and she smiled but I quickly looked away because I wasn't proud of myself at that moment. Yeah! I got that feeling she's mine but I told myself not to be ridiculous. She's too beautiful to accept me as her man. She purposely dropped her pen on the floor which I quickly picked up for her then she looked at me again and smiled. She gave me a piece of paper that had her number and said ’call me please.’ Wow! For real! 
I couldn't have imagined what was happening. To be honest with you, she became my woman, soulmate, and angel. She's my heart, I never knew love could come when you are not even searching for it or least expecting. Undoubtedly, an angel would be missing in heaven because she came to me when things were not right. 
Just because she's my angel, she reached out to me and she would forever be my angel. I always promised her never to abuse the opportunity of her giving herself to our love.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Risk of Love ❤️


             Everyone wishes to get married but  forgets taking a tutorial on how to stay in the relationship. 
I was happy to get married to him and we have three children. Unfortunately, the marriage was dissolved after seven years. He was horrible, we couldn't stand each other. I decided to raise my kids by myself and I also promised  never to get married again. Yeah! I enjoy being in my big house, I hang out with my three childhood friends. Being single is another life entirely, it's peaceful, no one bothers me. I do my  things at my own pace. 
I was proud of myself as a mother on my children’s graduations. They are all good kids. I felt bad when they moved out of the house but still, I enjoy the company of my friends. I never missed not having a man in my life. I also never missed having sex. I don't like sex anyway. There was a day one of my friends came to me and said ’Sholly, I think I will be getting married very soon’. Wow! Really! I think we both decided to be single, why now? We are all grown women but I couldn't tell her all my thoughts. Now, I started feeling empty. This is getting interesting because who is going to want me now. The thought of having a man is now running through my mind. I think I need a partner but not for the sake of sex. I thought being single was the best decision ever, but I made a mistake of not doing my comparison the right way. I compared being in an unhappy marriage with being single. I left out the thought of having a happy and peaceful relationship. I didn't even try to see what a real happy marriage would feel like. Now I'm regretting my act of not trying.😩😩😩😩😩 

That is a story of a lady being shared. Life can be boring if we refused to try new things. No one should give up after falling. We can fall but  not get defeated. Any fall in a journey of life is a lesson, not a threat. We all have one life to live, let's explore before giving  up. What do you think? Let's get Realwithkem😘😘😘

Friday, September 28, 2018

Weak Bond


       Life can throw something at you at any time. All you need to do is to hang on to that thing and examine it critically. Ask yourself why you are a target with such a thing at that time. Also, ask yourself what life wants you to make out of it. Finally,  be ready to move on to the next chapter in your life. 
     Love can make you do anything for whom you love. Only love can make you hurt yourself without knowing it because you are aiming at making her/him happy then  lose focus on yourself. A lover can pass through wolves and snakes just to reach the gold to beautify his/her relationship. Here is an unfortunate situation that can happen after attaining the gold; the bond of love between him and his lover may be weakened at the time.Then the stress of trying to please her may not be worthy of it anymore. Also, the lover at the receiving end may not even value the gold brought anymore instead, she will see it as a compensation. Another thing is, the lover on a receiving side can see your returns to the relationship as an opportunity to make your life miserable whereas you did all you did just because of her.  For Real! The problem may have built up from the fact of not carrying her/him along in your search or struggle. 
     In life, don't do things because you just love doing it but do things because it is necessary and won't make an unbearable impact on you. No time should be wasted in life because every second of our lives count.
What do you think? Let's get Realwithkem❤️

Friday, September 7, 2018

Endless Love ❤️

         It is possible to be deceived by the shadow of an image that our heart desires. Then we decide to build love on the fake image with the assumption of being in love. It will eventually lead to heartbreak. 
Do you know something? In most cases we develop interest in  wrong places and sow seed of love in infertile soil. Your dream partner may not be your lover and if you go for it, you may become his/her horse to ride. All humans have the tendency to take advantage of one another. 
I have a suggestion-  that  we thread with carefulness  when we love. You just have to slow down to observe if the thread of love binds you both or you are just making effort to knit it together. For real! Your true love may be passing by you while  trying to make the fake shadow work. Having a mind set of how your partner should look like could drag you into endless search for  love . I used the word ‘endless" because you will keep trying to make him/her love you in return for your love  but instead, he/she will continue to take advantage of you until the whole search for  love turns to hate which apparently  will be the end of the relationship. Let’s get Realwithkem 😘

Lost Love πŸ’•

              It was a new life entirely. Beautiful place with adorable and appealing creatures. I moved into this new environment at my ...