Saturday, June 1, 2019

Guilt Of Love

   He said to me ’I will use the last drop of my blood to put a smile on you, if that is what it takes to give you happiness.’ He touches me with care and moves his hands on me with passion. He stares at me like a woman holding her newborn baby. I got the feeling of a goddess when he makes love to me. I say to myself ’what is this? I don't know! Can I admit I'm lucky to be shown love this way or nervous.’ For real! My husband is a good looking gentleman. His words are fascinating and engaging. You will always want to hear more of him. 
I was happy with my marriage and I was in love with this man. 
It was a sunny morning, I was putting on my nightwear my man bought me. I called him to make me a cup of tea as he usually did but there was no response. I looked around the apartment he was not there. He never did that. The last time we had an argument was four years ago, so I was pretty sure I didn't do anything wrong. "Where is my love"? I asked myself. I felt part of me was already missing. I could not sit or stand. I was getting a mixed feelings and I could hear my heartbeat beating really fast. Okay! I calmed myself down. I walked with fear towards the window to look out for his car, maybe he was out to get me a cup of coffee. I waited and waited but he didn't show up. Then, I sensed sadness and tribulation. I said to myself ‘I can't take this. I don't know what happened to my joy.’ Then my phone rang, the caller said ’ is this Ms cook?’ 
I said ’yesssss’ then I couldn't feel my legs, I was reluctant to respond to her next question.
She said ’Your husband is in our facility, he had a nervous breakdown. We need you to come....’ That was the last thing I could remember. I was admitted to a nearby hospital. I requested to see my husband when I finally gained consciousness. I was taken to him, I walked towards him with guilt and fear. I sat down beside him and I held his hands. He was fine for that moment and he looked straight into my eyes and smiled. That was the last chapter of my husband’s life. He gave up on me and I gave up on myself. I pushed him too hard. I never thought of giving him happiness, now I could feel the guilt eating me up. It is sad😭 

This is to all lovers out there! Never think is all about you, it is also about your partner. Stop asking without giving. Stop being selfish, love is not what you get but what you give. If you don’t love him, let him go. Don't task him to pay for your lost. Don't ride him to your destination but give him reasons why he should take you to your destination. Love him but Don't lame him. The game of love should be a tied score not one sided. For Real! Always get Realwithkem.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

How To Quit A Toxic Relationship

        Quitting a relationship is the same as breaking a strong mold you crafted. The tools used in making the crafted strong mold will always play roles in how the pieces will be pulled apart. 
If you break a strong mold with the right tools, hit at the right place, and with the right forces, it will just be demolished without using a lot of strength and without exploding to hurt the breaker and people around the mold. 
You have to be ready in order to quit a toxic relationship. First, you make up your mind because there must not be no turning back. Unfinished business in a relationship can ruin an upcoming relationship. Then, you really have to have some tools with you. The tools are; confidence, boldness, strength, and a backup. Make sure you can survive  both physically and emotionally without your partner. If not you have to train yourself to be able to do that first. Then apply wisdom with every move you decided to make during the separation. Make sure to part in peace and you can achieve this by being tough and strict and being a good-hearted person. That's it! Make sure you know what you want before making a move in life. Keep getting Realwithkem 😘😘

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Continuation of Toxic Relationship

    It is always easy to get into any relationship but difficult to opt out especially when it is a toxic relationship. Why is it always difficult to get out of a toxic relationship? Here are the answers; each milestone in a relationship takes space in your heart. Also, the brain adapts easily, so your brain would have learned how to adapt to that bad relationship. Furthermore, you have accepted and see yourself as a failure that your partner says you are. Lastly, you are scared of the unknown. I will write on each reason why it is  difficult to opt out of a toxic relationship. So Fans, watch out👈🏽👈🏽👈🏽👈🏽👈🏽 for the next write-up. Always stick with Realwithkem 😘

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Toxic Relationship

           I couldn't have any space in my heart for anything else, everything belongs to her. I water her like a rose and adore her like a god. Loving her is everything I have ever dreamt about. Looking at her eyes gives me this unexplained feeling. My heart fills with joy, happiness, and hope. Yeah! You read it right ’HOPE.’ How I wish I have it all, I'm still missing something. I looked at all the crannies of my heart but I couldn't find it and that is eating up the love I have for her. I understand I can't have it all but sometimes, the lacking aspect can be unbearable. Before I met her, everything was rosy for me and I think I'm capable of picking a wife which I did. I embraced her with love, I made her have everything she wanted. She made me know everything about lady's things because she is used to wearing the most expensive things. She is very romantic, especially when she makes me feel good with her tongue, she is just irresistible when it comes to that. I used to think maybe God tutored her on how to use her tongue for a pleasurable moment like the one she gives me. After two years of marriage, I noticed I'm not that buoyant financially as I used to be. That was the beginning of our problem. If you remember I stated I was lacking something in my relationship; that thing is ’understanding’ my woman never understands. I shared my story with Realwithkem, let's read from her.

Sometimes, people get into a relationship to compensate for what they are lacking which makes the love conditional. These set of people will love their partners as long they are still meeting up their needs and this is a freeway to a toxic relationship. For real, I used the word ’toxic’ because the relationship will definitely explode by the time you stop what is holding the marriage together and when it does it will be harmful and disastrous. How do you know if a relationship is toxic? Good! This is when your partner will not even plan a future with you, she will never discuss how to be successful with you. She won't have any long term goals for both of you, instead, she want to take from you to fill in what she is lacking then you know you are in a toxic relationship.
I will rest my pen here. Watch out for Next write up on how to get out of Toxic Relationship. Continue to get Realwithkem

Saturday, March 23, 2019

How did I get Here?❤️❤️

” It seemed dark but  I could still see by straining my eyes. I could also hear myself talk. I wasn't  sure if my mind was at peace or in pieces. I wasn't  supposed to be alone but it appeared I was by myself. I tried stretching out my arms but I couldn't, I wanted to run, it was not possible; Then, I knew I was stuck in a box. How did I get here? Seeing her pictures, I could still remember I loved her. I decided to do everything to make her mine. I showered her with love and affection. I let her had a way in the relationship. I thought I was enjoying all that love game but I never knew I was making a box to be locked in. She played along until I got myself locked-in. Then she backed off. How can I free myself from the box of love?”

It can be frustrating to be locked up somewhere but the power to be free is within you. First, think of how you get there; In most cases, we get to a wrong place through the weakest aspect of our life. You need to strengthen that weakest aspect of your life before thinking of setting yourself free. Secondly, you can't set yourself free all alone, you need a backup; for real! And you  have to be careful who you choose for your backup. 
Lastly, make sure you are ready for the setting free battle because there must be no turning back after  starting it, which means, you must finish it or else the battle will finish you. Let's always be Realwithkem

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Memories of Love 💕

     It was difficult to believe she has lived on this planet for 78 years. Her smile added to her beauty. I only said ’Hi’;  pay attention to what she said ”Hi, I had a good life. He took me everywhere we never left each other. He treated me like a queen. He loved me dearly. I had a good life. He made my life worth living and I was happy to be his wife.” I asked her ’Do you have his pictures?’ She said, ”No, I don't.” I asked her ’what is his name?’ Then, she smiled and started brainstorming, she said ”I forgot my husband’s name.” For real! I was touched. Yeah! I was really emotional after I heard the woman’s love life story. The old lady has an Alzheimer disease which  causes memory loss. The disease makes her forget her husband's name but the Alzheimer disease never eat up the good memory she built with her husband. The memory lives in her forever. 
  As we age, we neglect material things, we never care about the latest outfits or the ongoing party around us but we live in our memories. Here is my question; what memory do you want to live in as you age? Here is a take-home; it is advisable to live a good life with loved ones, enjoy your love life.  Don't keep bad memories like arguing always, quarrelling all the time, nagging, complaining. Do you know something? A relationship is like a wrapped gift that you never knew what you are getting until you unwrap it. Believe it or not, whatever you see from the wrapping package is what you get. So, you either stop complaining and learn how to adjust to your new gift which is your relationship or you do a rethink at the appropriate/suitable time. Make life meaningful and enjoy it. This applies to My gorgeous living singles, you can create your interesting and unforgettable memories for yourself. Make good friends and enjoy your freedom of being single.
What do you think? Let's always get Realwithkem!

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Unbearable Pain of Love❤️

  I never knew a heart can be chopped into  pieces until I felt mine bleeding. I could feel the internal pain of love. I couldn't think straight nor delete any of our memories. The world felt so cold, everywhere seemed dark. I could feel my emptiness. I could feel blood running through my spines. Everything was just wrong. 
Now I know why all this words are four letters; Love, Hate, Pain. Yeah! The pain of love is just unbearable. I asked if he loved me and he said yes. I thought I got it but I was wrong. Yeah! How can a humanbeing be heartless? I can still hear the voice in my ears saying; ’Babe, I thought I love you but I searched my mind, I couldn't find your love in my heart.’ Oh my God! I was shocked, I was dead with my eyes  open. I couldn't say a word. God! What have I done wrong or where have I gone wrong? 
I am truly a good person. Then I opened up to Realwithkem, this is what she says;
’The origin of love is about learning how to love yourself first before loving someone else. You can't give what you do not have. Check your heart and be sure you have enough love for yourself before taking a ride for love. Make yourself someone anyone can spend the rest of his/her life with, not you searching for someone to spend your life with. Make sure you are adding value to yourself every day. The only thing you can control in life is you. Not him/her. The only human being you know is you.  Not him/her. Make yourself an investor, not the business to be invested in. Practicing all this will make you strong and prepared for any storm in a relationship. Do not get me wrong, you will definitely be hit with the storm when it comes but the built-in love you have for yourself will sustain you during and after the storm. Your investment will put you back in shape to be prepared for any incoming love. Hint! Never give up on love, you can't live all by yourself; you need someone to lean on. Just never be too desperate seeking for love, focus on yourself and stay open to welcome incoming love😜.’
Always Get Realwithkem 😘

Guilt Of Love

              He said to me ’I will use the last drop of my blood to put a smile on you, if that is what it takes to give you happiness.’ ...