Monday, May 29, 2017

Personality & Love

"She will do anything for me. My lady knows my thoughts and always ahead of my plans. I love ❤ her with my soul. She stays hungry just for me to eat and awake so I can sleep. I thought this is what love should be all about until the day she looked into my eyes and said 'I am done with you.' The words she uttered on that day hurt me more than being stabbed with a knife because it was sharp and it went through my heart. I then came across one of Realwithkem's sayings: "There is a difference between personality and love in a relationship; In most cases it is easy to take one for the other. We all have our different personalities and we will definitely deposit it into our relationships. Sometimes we get lucky to meet a lover with some great personalities like being caring, submissiveness.  Unfortunately, we might consider all these personalities to be love, when they are not. Your partner can have all this good personalities without loving you. Don't get me wrong, he/she is not deceiving you because is just who she is. It is left to you to identify whether she loves you or just acting herself. How do you identify? Easy! Pay attention if she portrays the same personalities towards everyone, then you can identify she is just acting herself. Love is when you go extra mile to show your affection towards your lover; when you do something you won't do to everyone. So, lovers should pay attention to their relationships by not accepting personalities for love.'
Really! I'm just careless in this relationship. You won't believe why she left me. My lady said ' I'm thinking you maybe cheating on me' Believe me! I didn't do it, I truly love her."
Now to the house what do you think? Let's get real with Kem!


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