Friday, June 30, 2017

Changes in a Relationship

"Can this be true? Wow! This is not my lady anymore. You won't believe she changed to a different woman. My Shade was humble, respectful and caring. I wondered what happened to her. Do you think environment can change people's thinking? I don't think so. Shade  behaviors changed right after we relocate to England. Now she thinks I'm too authoritative. She even said I'm not showing her enough love. What is happening here? I'm losing my marriage. I do love her but all she does is complaining about everything. I spoke with Realwithkem and she said 'Yes, environment can change individual's thinking. Our brain builds itself with what goes on in the environment. So, you can't expect your woman to retain her original behavior after a change of an environment . Unless you both are still within the same culture practice then the way she sees things can stay the same. We all
have different culture in the world so here is what I advise; both parties should try to compromise.
Also the man should try to observe how ladies are being treated in their present environment; and then practice it in the name of peace in the relationship. The good thing is that, anytime we train ourselves to do the right thing, it is always a plus to our personalities. Finally! It is possible for anyone to change due to his/her environment.'
Now to the house, what do you think? Let's get Realwithkem!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Secrets in a Relationship

   "I don't think I'm asking for too much, all I want is honesty. Do you think is right to keep somethings from your lover in the name of love? Nope! That is what I will say. My angel means everything to me. She is my true love. I trust and believe her. I know everything about her as she knows about me. Believe me, I didn't know her well enough. One day, a message came through her phone and the message popped up on her screen. I saw the message and it was all about my soulmate signing some document concerning her property I knew nothing about. Wow! Unbelievable, I felt have been dating a stranger all this years. I was angry and I'm ready to quit the relationship, despite our wedding is a few months away. She said 'I'm sorry, didn't mean to hide something from you but I'm just seeking for a true love. I have been disappointed by men before and I need a serious one this time.' Nope! I'm not accepting that excuse from her. I thought we are best friends and we knew each other's secrets. Two years dating is enough for her to know if I'm serious or not 😡😡😡😡. Now to the house, what do you think? I need your opinions."
 Let's get Realwithkem!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Honesty in a Relationship

"Really frustrating and confusing 😡😡😡. I can't just understand this man, I don't really know what he wants from me. Yeah! I love him at first but I don't know about now because he lied to me. I was scared when I got pregnant for him. You know, owing to culture, I didn't want baby before marriage this time especially with the fact that already I have two children from different fathers. Nope!! Not this time. You won't believe he talked me into keeping the pregnancy that the marriage will be done before I have the baby. Yeah! He lied and it hurts 😭. I felt stupid that a man could manipulate me just like that. I made up my mind to send him off my life but he won't leave. This man will call me every time to check on us. This same man will do everything to help me out when I needed one but he refused to ask me to marry him. He said ' I don't want to be pushed around, let m
e make the decision myself. I'm still expecting some changes in you first.' This is serious, is this love or what? Fine, I told him ' Leave me and the baby alone. I don't want to see you again if you are refusing to ask me for marriage.' He is all over me and the baby. I'm not even sure if he has another woman because he always hides things from me. I even got accused by one of his ex or present girlfriend. Do you know something? I am confused, I need your opinions."
 Let's get RealwithKem!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Journey of Love

"Yup! I'm getting tired 😴, I thought falling in love ❤ should be rosy and comfy. It should be a ride that you don't want to return. Falling in love should be a Fall with your eyes closed, with a smile on your face as you slip down the journey of love. Yeah! I enjoyed the fall with my man, I never looked back and never even have the thought of stepping on a hard stone until I did. Then I looked backward and I saw that I have walked a long way on this journey of love with him. That is sad, is heart broken and killing. I don't know how to return to reality is just hard. Don't just say 'I can do it', believe me! You may never know, until you have been there before 😩😩😩. Here is Realwithkem take on this issue ' Never fall in love all by yourself. First make sure your partner is on your side falling with you. Second, always hold on to something like rails as you fall, meaning -don't make it a slip through; hold on to your brain and check yourself always. Lastly, always pause in-between and look back to see how far you have walked with your lover and not just by yourself. You won't go far if the journey of love is not meant for both of you if you practise all this keys I mentioned.' Hnmmmm, I never practised Realwithkem recipe when I was falling in love and now I'm hurt and only The Creator can heal me."
 Now to the house, what do you think? I will appreciate your contribution. Get real with Kem!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Bond & Relationship

"I can feel the affection within me, I do miss him when he is not there. I know he is very important to me and the good thing is that, he feels the same with me. But there is a big issue going on presently, despite all the love we have each other, we still argue a lot. For real, we never get along and I never know why until I spoke with Realwithkem, she says 'Some relationships lack Bond and this is one of the strongest strand that tie relationship & love together. Lovers should try saying some sexy words to each other. Always discuss about their sex life, the word 'I love you' should always comes out of their mouth. Appreciate each other and never hide feelings for each other. Have sex in different places in the house or outside your bed. All this are bonds that help relationships and it encourages lovers to miss one another at all time. It also renew lovers feeling towards one another.' After all what Realwithkem said, I then understand that my relationship is lacking Bond which I'm ready to pour in it." Now to the house, what do you think?

Wrong Turn

      Each step forward gives me hope, assurance, and something to live for. Unfortunately, it is difficult to keep taking the steps. I ca...