Friday, June 2, 2017

Bond & Relationship

"I can feel the affection within me, I do miss him when he is not there. I know he is very important to me and the good thing is that, he feels the same with me. But there is a big issue going on presently, despite all the love we have each other, we still argue a lot. For real, we never get along and I never know why until I spoke with Realwithkem, she says 'Some relationships lack Bond and this is one of the strongest strand that tie relationship & love together. Lovers should try saying some sexy words to each other. Always discuss about their sex life, the word 'I love you' should always comes out of their mouth. Appreciate each other and never hide feelings for each other. Have sex in different places in the house or outside your bed. All this are bonds that help relationships and it encourages lovers to miss one another at all time. It also renew lovers feeling towards one another.' After all what Realwithkem said, I then understand that my relationship is lacking Bond which I'm ready to pour in it." Now to the house, what do you think?

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