Friday, June 30, 2017

Changes in a Relationship

"Can this be true? Wow! This is not my lady anymore. You won't believe she changed to a different woman. My Shade was humble, respectful and caring. I wondered what happened to her. Do you think environment can change people's thinking? I don't think so. Shade  behaviors changed right after we relocate to England. Now she thinks I'm too authoritative. She even said I'm not showing her enough love. What is happening here? I'm losing my marriage. I do love her but all she does is complaining about everything. I spoke with Realwithkem and she said 'Yes, environment can change individual's thinking. Our brain builds itself with what goes on in the environment. So, you can't expect your woman to retain her original behavior after a change of an environment . Unless you both are still within the same culture practice then the way she sees things can stay the same. We all
have different culture in the world so here is what I advise; both parties should try to compromise.
Also the man should try to observe how ladies are being treated in their present environment; and then practice it in the name of peace in the relationship. The good thing is that, anytime we train ourselves to do the right thing, it is always a plus to our personalities. Finally! It is possible for anyone to change due to his/her environment.'
Now to the house, what do you think? Let's get Realwithkem!

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