Friday, June 16, 2017

Honesty in a Relationship

"Really frustrating and confusing 😡😡😡. I can't just understand this man, I don't really know what he wants from me. Yeah! I love him at first but I don't know about now because he lied to me. I was scared when I got pregnant for him. You know, owing to culture, I didn't want baby before marriage this time especially with the fact that already I have two children from different fathers. Nope!! Not this time. You won't believe he talked me into keeping the pregnancy that the marriage will be done before I have the baby. Yeah! He lied and it hurts 😭. I felt stupid that a man could manipulate me just like that. I made up my mind to send him off my life but he won't leave. This man will call me every time to check on us. This same man will do everything to help me out when I needed one but he refused to ask me to marry him. He said ' I don't want to be pushed around, let m
e make the decision myself. I'm still expecting some changes in you first.' This is serious, is this love or what? Fine, I told him ' Leave me and the baby alone. I don't want to see you again if you are refusing to ask me for marriage.' He is all over me and the baby. I'm not even sure if he has another woman because he always hides things from me. I even got accused by one of his ex or present girlfriend. Do you know something? I am confused, I need your opinions."
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