Friday, June 9, 2017

Journey of Love

"Yup! I'm getting tired 😴, I thought falling in love ❤ should be rosy and comfy. It should be a ride that you don't want to return. Falling in love should be a Fall with your eyes closed, with a smile on your face as you slip down the journey of love. Yeah! I enjoyed the fall with my man, I never looked back and never even have the thought of stepping on a hard stone until I did. Then I looked backward and I saw that I have walked a long way on this journey of love with him. That is sad, is heart broken and killing. I don't know how to return to reality is just hard. Don't just say 'I can do it', believe me! You may never know, until you have been there before 😩😩😩. Here is Realwithkem take on this issue ' Never fall in love all by yourself. First make sure your partner is on your side falling with you. Second, always hold on to something like rails as you fall, meaning -don't make it a slip through; hold on to your brain and check yourself always. Lastly, always pause in-between and look back to see how far you have walked with your lover and not just by yourself. You won't go far if the journey of love is not meant for both of you if you practise all this keys I mentioned.' Hnmmmm, I never practised Realwithkem recipe when I was falling in love and now I'm hurt and only The Creator can heal me."
 Now to the house, what do you think? I will appreciate your contribution. Get real with Kem!

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