Friday, July 21, 2017

Decision & Relationship

      The pieces won't even come together. It feels deeply sad when you try to hold on to something in your relationship and it refuses to connect. Sometimes you  even think you could conjure happiness and peace into your relationship but it never works. Then happiness turns to sadness, love turns to hatred.  
Yeah! It is good to be married but unacceptable to trade happiness for marriage. All you have to do is to be honest with yourself in a relationship then you can decide what invites happiness into your life. It is good to endure in a relationship but not good to suffer in it. 
The key is that we owe ourselves happiness and we are the only one that can make it happen. 
The choice we make by ourselves is always the best one because we will be able to defend it at anytime. 
What do you think? Let's get


  1. Yes endurance has limitation, but remember our elders says: endurance can't be too much means (suuru ko npoju). But generally relationship need a lot of endurance from each side.

    1. You are right, thanks for the contribution.

    2. olowolagba oluwaseunJuly 23, 2017 at 2:34 AM

      In view of my contribution to this write-up/article, l will like to say that one has to understand the Spirit behinds him/her in any decision taking/making in life on any issue or relationship either u are a Christian, Muslim or traditionalist blocs spirituality affects physicality n blocs most of the pple especially intellectual don't pay attention on this in making/taking decision on issues of life are now paying dearly for it even secretly, they are crying n regreting due to fact that decision they have made on issues of life & relationship is completely wrong n has created woe, confusion, dream destroyed to their destinies.

      What am l trying to say is that no man can make a right decision on issues of life or relationship without the help of his/her God based on ur belief system inview of christianity, Islam or traditional blocs making decision on what a man/woman thinks,sees n feels based on the scope of his/her understanding of life is not enough for him/her to take/make decision rightly on relationship or issues of life that is the reason why scripture says that man/woman shld acknowledge God first in his/her way then he(God) shl direct his/her path i.e the decision to take on the issue/relationship he/she acknowledges him for.

      Moreover, happiness & Joy or otherwise in marriage/relationship are determined by the decision of making choice in the first place of getting lover/partner for marriage/relationship; moreso, decision taken/made goes a long way in the life of the person that has taken it that is the reason one has to take time in taking decision on relationship/marriage blocs once the decision is wrong then the life of that person will be full of regret & trauma n also, slow down his/her speed in making it in life, in nutshell, happiness & Joy in any relationship/marriage are not determined by one's effort alone in decision making but also with the help of the Spirit that backs one up
      in life therefore anyone that wants relationship/marriage in life must not depend on his/her ability & wisdom alone to have happiness in it but also carry God along in the journey so that storm of life & devil will not turn enjoyment to endurance even to saddness; Realwithkem, l arrest my case here n regards to ur family n u are blessed.

    3. I'm impressed with your comment sir. Thanks.

  2. I would say marriage is meant to be enjoyed and not endured. A lot of people have lost their lives while trying to patch a relationship with a wobbly foundation, especially one with an abusive partner. If after all efforts and suuru and it is still not working, please give yourselves a break. It is better to leave alive than get killed or maimed by a violent partner. Aabò òrò la nso fun omoluabi o...


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