Friday, July 7, 2017

True Love

        Finding a true love ❤ is like resuscitating the dead part of you. It also feels like a puzzle's piece that gets fixed in the right place at the right time. Everything seems perfect and rosy😘😘🌺. Really, the whole world will be just about both of you. Life seems interesting. Unfortunately, it can also be scary. Yeah! Because there are always two different things going on after you found love. First, what are you going to do with the love. Secondly, will the love last forever? Yeah! It may or may not. It's very difficult to find a true love and harder to maintain it. If you want good harvest, means you need extra effort to achieve your aims. Keeping a true love is very important because if you let go, you may not get it back. Most of the time, true love comes once in a life time. Now to the house?
What do you think? Let's get Realwithkem!


  1. Well you are right Kemi in your submission. I just want to say caution should be the guide of those finding true love. Beware of deceit, sometimes you think you have found the real thing whereas your partner has a sinister motive, he or she may be out to use you for some selfish means. However, I congratulate those who have found "real" love. Its a wonderful experience...

    1. You are right, and that is why I wrote that it is difficult to find a true love.

  2. Olowolagba oluwaseunJuly 10, 2017 at 11:59 PM

    Getting the real/true love is not to get the right man/woman alone but also for u to be the real&right person in the relationship blcos in getting the true/real love, giving must be the sacrifice to offer in order to keep the true/real love till death do us part blocs true/love must be lasting, enduring n interesting even in the test of love to know maybe the love is genuine/real/true or not; the giving I'm talking is in the view of one's time,body,finances,materials,spirituality,etc in order to keep the real love lasting n this is biblical according to John 3v16, God loves the world n pay the sacrifice of giving his only begotten son(Jesus christ) to prove his agape/genuine/true love to the world therefore this must be seen in practical form to know if someone is on the journey with real/true love or not n also, to know if the love will be lasting or not.

    Furtherly, getting real love is 100% possible even if one has mistakenly taken lust/infatuation as a real/true love before n decided to re-trace his/her step back to right way;one thing we need to understand n be at the back of our mind is that getting or seeing the real/true love is beyond the human efforts n capabilities which bookish n intellectual people do not want to agree with but this is a tested truth that with the attachment of the grace&mercy of God through patience,prayers,watchfulness n total dependence on God who is the true love scripturally then one can get through true/real love in terms of man/woman.

    In addition, there is no 100% perfection in conducts, characters n humanly behaviours in true/real love therefore the parties involved must ready to shift the ground where it is necessary n come to joint agreement for moving forward blocs there are strengths n weaknesses in true/real love one has gotten or seen as a choice in life but most of the people do not want to agree or accept this as a part of making of true/real love which one has to groom his/herself for to make the relationship works the way it is supposed to work.

    Finally realwithkem, these are the caterpillars or devourers of true love which lovers must do away with if the relationship will be lasting viz: selfishness, pretence, deception, competitive spirit, lack of openness when it is necessary n taking advantage of other n also, infidelity(dodging of responsibilities). The race is not for the swift nor the battle is for the strong but unto God that showeth mercy therefore l Pray that we Will not miss our true/real love in life blocs it is very sweet n candy, jollofrice, tantalizing n pleasant even glorious to have a real/true love in life time; realwithkem, u are blessed n rgds to ur family n it is well, Shalom(peace).


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