Friday, July 28, 2017

Right Match

       She is a fair complexion lady, with  angelica voice. Her smiles invite joy into man's life. She walks elegantly and speaks like a professor 👨‍🏫 that has lots to offer. Her appearance tells she will make a good wife and lover to proudly take around. Yeah! I guessed those are good qualities any man would wish to see in a woman. However, men never ask themselves one question, which is ; can I keep up with what builds up the qualities she has? To be honest with you, if men should ask themselves this question, majority of them will responded "NO." If you take a critical look at the qualities of the referred lady, all the qualities may invite threats into a relationship. The lady's lovely voice can call for men's attention. Most men will want her friendship due to her intelligence. Finally, remember the lady may wants to portray boldness which may be term as a pride. So, it is always good to take the "Steps to Love" as it follows;

    My next write up will be about 'Steps to Love.' 
What do you think fans? Let's get Realwithkem!


  1. I would call this situation "Not all that glitters is gold" (Gbogbo ohun to ndan kó ni wura)

  2. Olowolagba oluwaseunJuly 30, 2017 at 1:18 AM

    love & relationship to have a match inview of life partner or associate in life is beyond looking of physical, material n otherwise canal things but the inbuilt potentials/visions of man/ woman that one is dealing with in corresponding to one's visions/goals in life. Sincerely speaking, book cannot be justified by its hard/soft cover but only by the contents in it therefore right match cannot be known/seen in love/relationship by appearance, body frame n communication skills until there is room for closeness n rapoursity of the parties involved through dating/courtship for awhile before one can say this right/perfect match for my love/relationship.

    Moreso, in this issue of right/perfect match one has to be very careful blcos most of the time, the right/perfect man/woman for one's life in love&relationship may not look like it but if one can take his/her time to work on the man/woman with wisdom n understanding from God then the Gold inside the man/woman that makes him/her the right/perfect match will just come out for one to see n bring Joy n happiness into one's life; therefore right/perfect match in love & relationship is beyound outward appearance but actively involved in inward built/ appearance which everyone must be looking for inview of love & relationship in life.

    Conclusively Realwithkem, the happiness, Joy n enjoyment are determined in love & relationship whn one is able to get right/perfect match through help of God n man&woman's determination n calmness not by self efforts& designs or methodologies; u are blessed Realwithkem with ur family n looking forward to ur next publication on steps to love therefore l put my pen down for now, Shalom(peace).


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