Saturday, August 26, 2017

Mother and Wife

     It's a lot of work to be a wife and mother at the same time. Yeah! It is too much work but it is actually  worth it. It is the best way to keep your man under your shield. A mother knows how to protect her man, she knows when he feels pain and how to alleviate the pain. A mother can be upset with her husband but always knows when to stop. A mother carries pregnancy with joy and pain but she endures because she is waiting to see the outcome of the nine months course (pregnancy); just the same way a woman in a motherly reflection to her husband will endure and be strong to do what it takes to make a good man stays in her life because she knows the waiting will worth it at last. Now the wife part of a woman in a man's life will give him all the affection and  romance he ever needed. Most of all, making sex a new experience every time 🙈🙈🙈😜. 
What do you think fans? Let's get Realwithkem!


  1. Big Up to all the ladies out there combining the role of a mother and wife. You doing quite great. Bless you... Ko easy at all.

  2. Mother and wife:Yeah,it's not an easy tasks been a mother and wife at d same time but I must say,it's bounds to be.First all man should give women some credits because we are not just woman for nothing,we deserves all the respect from our man.The role of a mother and wife is a contract which we have signed the day we get married to a man,it's a must for us to fulfill our responsibility as a wife to the husband and a mother to the children.let start from the day we get married as husband and wife,we have to give our husband a proper care,ie,we have to give them our best because then no child to disturb the two, we have to make them happy,knows their likes and dislikes,give them a proper meal,tidy the house,respect them and most of all satisfy them sexually.Secondly,the roles of a wife to the husband haven't stopped at first because when the two started having children that's the most important part of their lifes,that's when u know a responsible woman because some woman will forget their husband simply because she got children to care for which suppose not to be.That is where the contract she signed with her husband started,that's where we must fulfill our dues as a mother and wife,no sides should lack our responsibility,we must be a good mother to the children and a good supportive wife to the husband.To b a mother and wife,she must be call in the middle of everything,it's not an easy tasks,our man should cherish and praise us for we are woman.Thanks

  3. Olowolagba oluwaseunSeptember 3, 2017 at 3:54 AM

    Well, it takes wisdom for a woman to know that she is a mother n wife @ home and that she has a role to play on this two features in her home towards her husband n children so that she can have what we called happy home n be a role model to ladies n other women in the society.

    She is a mother to her husband n children n wife alone to her husband not to any other person outside or inside her jurisdiction there4 l will like to say that every lady/woman shld get this understanding before entering into marriage so that home that supposed to be heaven on earth will not turn hell on earth blcos these words of mother n wife have alot embedded inside for every woman/ lady to know b4 venturing into the business of love relationship that will lead to home building(marriage). May good God help every lady/woman to have this wisdom so as to build her home but not to destroy it by lacking of wisdom to build according to scripture Prov 14v1-2. U are blessed Realwithkem n with ur family.


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