Friday, August 4, 2017

Steps of Love

Most people want to be in love but never think of the proper steps to take into the paradise of love. Love is assumed to be a beautiful garden, that has comfort, peace and happiness in it. The garden of love can save you and can also lose you; it all depends of what you do to get into the garden. It is good to know what you want before falling in love; I meant knowing what you want in your woman/man. More importantly , be sure what you want in your partner is something you can handle. Also necessary to consider loving with your brain not your mind; because you need your brain to access your partner before accepting him/her into your heart. Last but not the least, always check your relationship to see if you or your partner needs adjustment to make the journey smooth. One thing you should have at the back of your mind is, if your garden of love is not giving you what you expected; just see if you can or cannot fix it. If not, give your soul happiness because you are the director of your own soul.
What do you think? Let's get Realwithkem!


  1. Thanks Kem. We have just learnt to take one step at a time, not to rush at things, especially matters regarding intimacy. God bless you for your counsel.

    1. It's my pleasure sir. Thanks for the contribution.

  2. Olowolagba oluwaseunAugust 6, 2017 at 12:56 AM

    Realwithkem, l really value all the steps of love u have mentioned n explained n l say more grease to ur elbow in getting wisdom the more on writing heartfelt n heart-reformed articles on love & life issues; my own contribution peradventure one finds himself/herself in unplanned, unwished n wrong garden of love blcos its happens like that in the journey of life to a man/woman, such a man/woman should go back to "love" who is God according to the scripture in 1st John 3 n definitely he will fix it up in a way his name will be glorified n secondly, the victim should give room for right counseling from sound-minded counsellors with opening of his/her mind n heart so that through the counseling he/she can get the right way to go without any confusion n complications.

    Finally, love is sweet n interesting if one gets it right from onset but sour n bitter if one gets it wrong from onset talking from experience therefore l Pray that God will make pple get it right from the beginning of the journey of love; rgds to ur family n also, ur new home is blessed in Jesus name, Shalom(peace).


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