Saturday, September 9, 2017

Messy Relationship

        "Why now? Yeah! I mean why is he doing this to me now, he should have done this long time ago. I truly love him with all my heart but I noticed I was just a giver of love but not a receiver. He never tells me he loves me, even for him to say it back; it's always an issue for him. We can do without talking to each other if I should ever complaine of him not showing me enough love. I regretted the day I gave my heart to him. I was just stupid because I should have noticed all this before having children with him but I was blinded with the gifts he used to give me and promises he made. My love life got worst that I was almost laid off from work then I decided to have a friend. Yeah! A boyfriend of cause; believe me I needed it because I was at the point of committing a suicide. My boyfriend gives me love and commitment, please don't judge me because I understand we all own our happiness and marriage is not the only thing that can give us happiness. At first, I just wanted to seek happiness from my boyfriend but I never knew I was slipping into loving him until when my husband started complaining that I have changed. I thought my husband will even get angry at me and opt out of the marriage but instead, he changed to a better person. Wow! Unbelievable, I never knew he had such an angelical part in him but it was too late. My husband just messed my life up because I'm kind being of in love with this new boyfriend. My husband refused to let go of me though and I'm confused because I just don't know what to do."
Now to the house, the young lady needs your opinions. Let's get RealwithKem!


  1. My darling sister Kemi,I usually don't comment much on many things on social networks, but I feel lead to say this. My sister I learned this one lesson, and trust me the Lord taught it to me well. Yes relationship can be very confusing, that is why before entering one, one must take that individual to God in prayer. Not everything that glisters is GOLD. Many come because of different reasons,but when the hands of God is upon you and that individual He dare to respect the anointing upon your life. I have learned to loved YawehJesus Christ in my singleness because I know in Due Season as I trust Him and stay on course, like Esther He favors your waiting. Falling in love with Jesus really is the best first and fore most thing to do while in waiting. Waiting on God for a suitable mate can be hard at times, but it's worth it. Only God knows the heart and intentions of people that comes or wants to come in our world. And only Him can stop hurt if you allowed Him to step in and take total control. I prayed the Lord heals every wound and heartache a relationship has caused you. May He God mint those broken places in all of us in Jesus name. 💘 you sis, stayed blessed and encouraged.

  2. Huuuum! Such pathetic narration. Its like being at a crossroad. The only one who has the compass for direction in such case is God. He would never lead us wrongly.


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