Saturday, September 2, 2017

Other side of Love ❤️

    I used to wonder the exact time or second things change between lovers. Then,  love  suddenly turns to  hatred. That man/lady you can't do without turns to that person you do not want to see,hnmmmm; it is terrible because at the beginning of the journey (love), it always seems it should last forever and ever. 
Unfortunately, most of the time, not all that starts the race of love finish it. But there is one thing that is clear to me; 'True love lives forever.' Yeah! You being married to or separated from your lover do not define if it's  true love or not. 
You may have true & pure love for each other but  may not even have the opportunity to live together - things happen. The good thing is that you will definitely know if you truly love each other. You will feel and have the love for him/her even with his /her imperfections . You will not be able to try to get rid of his/her though from your memory even if you try.  Whenever you are lonely all you can think of is him/her. Do you know the funniest part? You may even get married or dating someone else but you still feel this old lover to the extent of remembering him/her when having intercourse with your new lover 🙈🙈🙈. Hnmmm, tough! 😊😊, remembering or feeling that your old lover doesn't mean you are confused; it just human nature and the love is real. Here is my take on this; just enjoy every moment with whom you claim to be your lover because you never can predict what will happen in the next second. Is better to get stuck with the good memories of both of you than the sad ones. 
Back to my first paragraph; so, it is always good to stay calm and rethink if the love you have towards him/her was even real at first. If the love is real at first the table may not even turn around and if it does , the most that could happen is both to be either separated or divorced but not to wish each other hell. Let's watch out our journey of love.
😊😊let me rest my pen and welcome your contributions . Let's get Realwithkem!


  1. olowolagba oluwaseunSeptember 3, 2017 at 3:22 AM

    Realwithkem well such is life in the reality of journey of love there4 any side the tossed coin of love shows to a man/ woman in the journey of life should be accepted n worked upon inorder for the man/woman to actualize his/her purpose n plan of creation to planet earth through the help of God.

    Realwithkem, love beyonds natural is divine n it is the thing of heart there4 God shld helpers the lovers of this generation/age to understand this so that they will never go after lust n call it true/real love; l arrest case here n bravo to u Realwithkem n keep it up, shalom(peace) n rgds to family n friends.

  2. I would say lets just try to make the best out of the relationship we are in to. If it leads to marriage, fine, and if not, its good to have sweet memories of your partner while it lasted.


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