Saturday, September 30, 2017

Relationship Spice


       Get away from me Satan! Wow! The Bible made me understand that my tongue 👅 is empowered with authority and I should use it to declare success every time.  There is no place in the Bible I was told to use my tongue 👅 for pleasure; so what is all this my spouse is requesting from me? I can never use the tongue I use in casting out demons to s**k, it's not possible. 
When I met my spouse, she was a strong born again Christian but now she is something else. She said her friends schooled her on the pleasure of s**king. My Sweetheart Taylor is now requesting that from me, come on! I'm a well known man of God. Now I'm concerned that my babe is pulling up attitude due to not meeting her request. I never thought she could turned to a new woman that wants to be su***d before she can enjoy sex. I need your advice because I'm thinking of opting out of the relationship and search for a good Christian sister. I need to make it to heaven and no woman will stop me due to worldly things. 
Now to the house, what do you think😜😜😜😜? Just get Realwithkem


  1. hmmmmn,infact serious one,but the bible says if your right eye will make you loss the kingdom of God pluck it away,so pls don't let anything block your heaven....but apply knowledge

  2. Hmmmm! This request does not make Ur wife a devil and Ur resistance does not make a bad husband either.sit her down and discuss wt her there are ways of doing it and she will enjoy and be satisfied wt out s**k***.remember d bible says we shudnt deny ourselves and at d same time u can't do something against Ur conscience&Ur biblical principal. Dont quit win her wt love and understanding. Thanks kemi more grace

  3. Na ignorance dey worry the man. You better do what she requested before someone outside gives her a head, and I bet you don loose her be that o. What is all this sanctimonious life regards sex between husband and wife?


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