Saturday, September 16, 2017

Time Bomb in Relationships

      Time bomb in a relationship is what everyone should watch out for. 
My lady is a caring and loving woman. Shelly is a mother and a wife to me. I am so lucky to experience the joy of love through her. I'm always at peace when I looked into her eyes. 
My sweetheart also has this comforting voice that keeps me calm whenever I'm restless. Do you know something? I'm kind of worried about our relationship. Shelly, the love of my life never has any complain about me since we have been married two years now. That scary to me because it seems not just possible. No relationship is perfect, there should be a misunderstanding of some sort . We are from different parents and raised indifferent environments as such we can never perfectly match each other. Hummmmmn, believe me, something is wrong somewhere. I'm thinking maybe Shelly is playing me or I'm the kind of person that never accept corrections and that makes her keep to herself. I just don't know, I need suggestions on what to do because I'm sure if I do not fix this, it could be a time bomb relationship  which if ignited may turn  disastrous. Yeah!!!

As usual, get Realwithkem and give the young man some suggestions.


  1. I think there is pretence sort of going on around here. There is just no way two people stay together and not disagree on something. We are all raised in different environment, with different orietation. Even twins born on the same day, raised in the same home by the same mother act differently. You get what I'm saying...

  2. Simply put, wake up on a blessed day, and tell her that you need to touch-up your relationship with some honey. Set up a beautifully wonderful rendezvous for the just the two of you. At the scene, make her as comfortable as you had never,probably have sex as well,and at a point throw it to her that there is a particular reason why both of you are at that scene. Tell her how much you love and respect her. Then, tell her that you have some questions for, and if she has some for you too, you will respectfully and honestly ready to answer the questions. Ask the following questions, at a suitable time:
    1. Do you really love as you have been displaying all these while? Listen very attentively to her answer, and be logical.
    2. Is there anything you don't want to upset about?
    3. Is there anything you are afraid of me hearing about?
    4. Are you scared of this marriage?
    I believe, if you are logical enough, you will find out every single answer for whatever scaring you about her in the process.


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