Friday, October 6, 2017



        The best food you can feed  a relationship is to make your own decisions,then you will be able to deal with the outcome. Believe me, no one can give you the right medicine to sustain your relationship but you. You know why? Your friend loves you and she/he may not make a good judgement when it comes to your relationship just in the name of making you happy. Your family won’t want you to get hurt by anyone so they will always take your side if you let them know what you are going through with your partner. 
Here are somethings you can do to fix your relationship problems: You can talk to friends or family members you trusted but be very careful when narrating what happened between you and him/her. Do not give them the impression that you needed mercy or your partner is killing you. Just shift the blame on yourself at the beginning of narrating what happen between you and your partner. Then, listen to their responses and go stay calm to bring out what will work for you; remember to apply it  with patience and knowledge in order to get the best results. 
As you know, I value your contributions so just be Realwithkem!


  1. Thanks kem, even if u listen to them dont take immediately action whether right or wrong .look inward to yourself and see where u have contributed to situations.then make ammends, pray and open your heart for the Holy Spirit to lead to take the right steps.shalim

  2. Actually suggestions or advices are not mandatory. They are just other people's view of how much or little they know about about an issue. You either switch to it or discard it. The final decision is actually yours, becos you know better, you are the one involved.

  3. Yeah,just lemme add up to my colleagues contributions. One don't need to jump into conclusion because he/she is going through hardship or something.One needs to calm down and rethink before making any rash decision because it's possible the decision one make in haste can bounced back. Thank u


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