Friday, October 27, 2017



      “I thought I was loosing it when I heard ‘I love you’. Wow! Really? It’s not possible to love me on the first day you set your eyes on me. I won’t fall for that crap. This guy didn’t even know me or have an idea of who I am. Seriously! That was a turned off for me, I never wanted to talk to him thereafter or pick his call. Would you like to know the funniest part of the story? Hummmmn, I can’t stop thinking of him but unfortunately, have deleted his number out of anger.

One beautiful Sunday morning, I stepped out of my car to bump into a tall, handsome man. The smell of his cologne made me look once more at him. You won’t believe what I saw! That young guy was my crush that I deleted his number. I just didn’t  know what to say to him, he looked at me and smiled. The young man didn’t say a word to me, he actually walked away but I waited to see where he was heading. I saw him enter into an apartment building; apparently, he is a resident there. Now, here is my question; what should I do? I have feelings for him now and I’m sure I do. I want him, but I dont know how to make it happen again. I’m not sure if it’s right for a lady to propose to a guy she loves 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈.....I just don’t know!!!”

Now to the house, what can she do or what do you think she did wrong? Let’s get Realwithkem


  1. The fact just have to let it go,because if you try to meet him again,he will mistreat you,mishandle you and even take you for granted...kill that feelings ,but if he comes to you,you can accept it and embrace the love

  2. To me,since I new where he lives,i will look for how to meet him again and ask,oh, u live around here and thank him for the help he rendered to me the other day. So his response will prompt me to know the next step and if his response doesn't gives me the best result then I can make use of my colleague's idea @ ogundele Joseph

  3. Hmmm. As much as you are now into him, the right thing to do is exercise a little patience, be as frequent as you can in the area he lives till you see him again. Don't make d mistake of going to his apartment because you know there. Also put in mind that there is nothing wrong if the lady makes d move. Love is pure and it doesn't think twice.

  4. I believe you bumped into him again for a reason. Nothing in life is coincidental. They are predestined to happen. Give him time to notice you by probably showing up at places where you can get to say hi or chat which should be casual. If he is really into you he will make some effort to show his feelings for you no matter how shy he might be.


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