Friday, October 20, 2017

Sex Life🙈🙈

       “I never knew sex is important in a relationship. I have been starving my husband all this years of marriage. Also I guessed have been missing out on this great pleasure called ‘sex’. Wow! Hnmmmmm! I never knew individual's sex life can  suddenly change until it happened to me. 
You know!  Before now, all I ever felt whenever I have  sex was  pain. It is funny 😄, because I also believed sex is all about bearing children. Do you know something? Something strange is really happening to my system;  all of a sudden, I started having the urge for sex, always horny. Also, I never get satisfied when we make love, but I couldn’t tell him.  Guessed I have driven him away from me all this  years i have been a denier of sex. Believe me! This is serious, but I’m guessing maybe is due to my present age or hormonal changes (because I’m reaching menopause) or something in me is just awakened. I just don’t know what it is, all I know now is that I’m crazy about having sex now. Unfortunately, there is a big issue concerning my appetite for sex; I don’t know how to explain to my husband of 15 years in marriage  that my sex life has now changed. I don’t know what he will think of me.
I need your suggestions.”
Now to the house, I need you to please get Realwithkem and give the lady good suggestions. You can also send me messages if you do not want to be real on this forum.


  1. Sex is an important factor in marriage, it bonds the couple emotionally. If you have been frigid before,there is an underlying problem and that would make you loose interest. Now that your libido is awakened, you Dont need to beat yourself over it. Very close couples Dont feel shy asking themselves for sex or discussing how they feel about it. So find time, discuss with your partner and enjoy yourself

  2. Sex is a very important part of a marriage life.
    Such feeling or sex urge is just so normal after all we are all humans. There is no problem with such feeling or urge being beset in the same relationship.
    Discussing this matter to one's partner is the key making the couple happier in the marriage and making their sex life more enjoyable bound in the married life.
    Open communication to one's spouse always makes the relationship and the marriage better and healthier.
    Discuss such thing to the husband .this is the best way to do.

  3. Olowolagba oluwaseunOctober 22, 2017 at 5:51 PM

    Realwithkem in my own perspective on marriage, Sex is one of the key factors that bring mutual understanding inbetween the couple n their home n also, is a straight talk inbetween couple in marriage n home there4 that woman shld call her hubby, sit him down n express her feelings n predicament in order for him to understand the body systematic changes of his wife n for him to know hw to work on himself to meet up with the new demand of his wife for sexual satisfaction;there must not be any barrier for the woman in expressing herself to her husband once there is trust, companionship n maturity in the relationship/marriage.

    Sincerely speaking, Sex is good n sweet once u have wht its entails even apart from deriving emotional pleasure satisfaction, reproduction, is also good for our mental development including body exercising for all the body organs to function well according to medical research, conclusively sex cannot be underrated in any happy home there4 let's value sex in our marriage as we value of other factors that make home become happy home/marriage. Keep it up Realwithkem n u are blessed with ur family.

  4. Very well said ms.Olowolagba oluwaseun.
    Sex must always be done with love not just only for the reasons of self-gratification, self satisfaction or pleasure when someone feels to have or desires for sex because when sex is not done for such reasons it is already fall under the concept of list which is not good after all.
    Sex must always be done with decency and morality rooted with so much love and must be clothed with so much respect.


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