Friday, November 24, 2017

Love & wants

          “Thank goodness I never believed in love anyway. My heart is too fragile and I will never let any man break it because I may not survive it when that happens. To be honest with you, my man loves me and he spoiled me with everything. He will do anything for my happiness. Maybe he is doing all this because he is a pastor, or because all what God wants from him is to love me and I’m just to respect him. Wow! That is easy to do, all I want is to be loved and taken care of and I will respect him. But wait a minute! Do you think you can respect your man if you don’t love him? Yeah! I purposely asked that question because I can remember my first boyfriend that took care of me with his money and showered me with love; he didn’t get any respect back from me because, I cannot just respect him. We quarrel everyday and I never care to let go everything he is doing for me. I tried to do what The Bible wants me to do by just respecting him but it didn’t happen. Big difference with my present guy, I can see myself respecting him and never want to hurt him because he is a darling. He can spend is life on me, wow! My guy is loaded with money 😘😘😘. Now, here is my concern, why will God want me not to love my man but just to respect him in return of his love to me?”
Realwithkem πŸ‘‰πŸ½

Friday, November 17, 2017

Sex & Love πŸ’•


        “‘Sex is not good for your health, it will shorten your life’ πŸ‘ˆπŸ»πŸ‘ˆπŸ»πŸ‘ˆπŸ»Boom!! That was what my doctor told me. Unbelievable, really! I will rather die than not to make him happy. Do you know something? Staying away from sex is not even about me but my man. Unfortunately, my doctor said I have health issues and that I should stay away from sex. I love my man and I’m not ready to loose him. 
I actually came up with a plan but didn’t tell him yet, just feel like sharing it on this forum before spitting it out to him. I am thinking about telling my man to go get a girlfriend in other to make up for our sex life; I’m doing this because I love this man and I care about him. Do you guys have any suggestion concerning this matter?” 
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Friday, November 10, 2017

The Burning Desire

        “‘It is burning in me, the fire πŸ”₯ refuses to stop. I can’t sleep 😴, all I see is him in my dream. The feeling is beyond my explanation, honestly, it seems I’m going crazy. I talked to myself about him. It is real, the love is real! I have never felt this way before. He is my life partner, my mind and thoughts.’ That is me talking to my pillow about my love, my heart ❤, he is everything to me. I needed to talk to someone or something about him because I’m going crazy. I kept him away from friends for a long time because I just didn’t know where things went wrong with my other  relationship. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t contain this fire of love that is burning in me anymore. I decided to tell my ‘neighborhood brother’  who's my mentor about him. Yeah! Then I felt better. One day,  my mentor told me about the terrible dream he had; he said my love will  hurt my feelings and dump me in future; OMG! I cried and couldn’t stop because I never wanted to get hurt again. I stopped seeing my love but I carried the pain everywhere. You won’t believe my supposed mentor came to me  and asked me out; wooo!! Really! Hnmmmm life is evil. My "neighborhood brother" said he has been hiding the feeling he has towards me for a long time but  he couldn’t do it any more. I’m just short of words and frustrated. I’m not getting it! What do you think?”
Now to the house, the lady needs your opinion, just be Realwithkem.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Sex & Love

      “I don’t think this is right, for real 😳 It is wrong. If you love me, you won’t ask me for sex just a few weeks after we met. Hnmmmmm, I can’t just figure it out. What is going on with guys these days. Love is all about sex, I’m not sure if the trend is the same back in the day. At least, is a good idea to first know and understand the girl before requesting for sex. Wait a minute! Do you think I’m wrong?  I can still remember when I was young and I used to over hear my brothers that were married complaining about their wives not being good in bed. My brothers also used to say, due to their status they couldn't have girlfriend to make up; 😜😜yeah! I understand no one wants to talk about that on this forum but it’s okay. But to be honest with you, he is an handsome guy, polite and lovely. I won’t lie to you, I actually fell for him right away. I thought we should be friend for at least five months before asking me for sex. After being friend for two months, he asked "can you come sleep over at my house" ding ding! My response was ‘No’ and I was upset. I don’t think he is real, he is just after my body. Do you want me to be honest with you? I want the same thing he wants, I’m just nervous not to rush things and also my friends usually say ‘don’t give your body for a man in a rush because he will never value you.’ Do you think what my friends say is true or not?
I don’t know, can you get Realwithkem and put things right for me please?”

Just be Realwithkem 😘😘

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