Friday, November 24, 2017

Love & wants

          “Thank goodness I never believed in love anyway. My heart is too fragile and I will never let any man break it because I may not survive it when that happens. To be honest with you, my man loves me and he spoiled me with everything. He will do anything for my happiness. Maybe he is doing all this because he is a pastor, or because all what God wants from him is to love me and I’m just to respect him. Wow! That is easy to do, all I want is to be loved and taken care of and I will respect him. But wait a minute! Do you think you can respect your man if you don’t love him? Yeah! I purposely asked that question because I can remember my first boyfriend that took care of me with his money and showered me with love; he didn’t get any respect back from me because, I cannot just respect him. We quarrel everyday and I never care to let go everything he is doing for me. I tried to do what The Bible wants me to do by just respecting him but it didn’t happen. Big difference with my present guy, I can see myself respecting him and never want to hurt him because he is a darling. He can spend is life on me, wow! My guy is loaded with money 😘😘😘. Now, here is my concern, why will God want me not to love my man but just to respect him in return of his love to me?”
Realwithkem 👉🏽

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