Friday, November 3, 2017

Sex & Love

      “I don’t think this is right, for real 😳 It is wrong. If you love me, you won’t ask me for sex just a few weeks after we met. Hnmmmmm, I can’t just figure it out. What is going on with guys these days. Love is all about sex, I’m not sure if the trend is the same back in the day. At least, is a good idea to first know and understand the girl before requesting for sex. Wait a minute! Do you think I’m wrong?  I can still remember when I was young and I used to over hear my brothers that were married complaining about their wives not being good in bed. My brothers also used to say, due to their status they couldn't have girlfriend to make up; 😜😜yeah! I understand no one wants to talk about that on this forum but it’s okay. But to be honest with you, he is an handsome guy, polite and lovely. I won’t lie to you, I actually fell for him right away. I thought we should be friend for at least five months before asking me for sex. After being friend for two months, he asked "can you come sleep over at my house" ding ding! My response was ‘No’ and I was upset. I don’t think he is real, he is just after my body. Do you want me to be honest with you? I want the same thing he wants, I’m just nervous not to rush things and also my friends usually say ‘don’t give your body for a man in a rush because he will never value you.’ Do you think what my friends say is true or not?
I don’t know, can you get Realwithkem and put things right for me please?”

Just be Realwithkem 😘😘


  1. olowolagba oluwaseunNovember 5, 2017 at 4:23 AM

    Realwithkem, kudos to u on all ur write ups n l want to say u are blessed. In a short n brief contribution to this write-up on sex&love post, l will ship in my own point that what u don't keep is not safe n what u don't preserve don't last but what u keep n preserve has a value in the view of keeping n preserving it.

    Sincerely speaking, is an error to have a love relationship with somebody today n have sex on that day or some weeks later that is not love but lust to the parties involved n truly speaking, the relationship can never wrk n it is a matter of time everything will go other way round blcos the foundation is not well ok but very faulty there4 the building of relationship built on it will collaspe;

    Reasonably speaking, even religiousity n morality do not permit n accept this standard about love & sex but people of this computer age/211st century do not want to accept this truth most especially the youth of this modern-day that believes they have super-knowledge but truth is that true love does not be determined by having sex on the day u meet or some weeks after but rather devalue ur value system as a lady/woman in the sight of the man n eventually later in the day destroys the relationship.

    There4 is not advisable for that lady/woman to do that but wait patiently n try to discpline her body or put her body under control till the matured time to do that will Make both of them to be happy n enjoy their home though nothing wrong for her to have that feelings from onset is natural, scriptural n medically approved but she should try her best to control herself with the help of God not to do it at that time for her earn value n respect from the man. Bless u Realwithkem with ur family.


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