Friday, December 22, 2017

A Home of Your Own


           “There are no seats nor comfortable bed to rest myself or relax my soul. I even looked around to see if I could found anything to put things together but I couldn’t. I could still remember it was  a walking path, I actually saw people stopping for a break but I realized it belongs to everyone. I took a deep breath just to clear my head and think 🤔. Yeah! I did a thorough thinking. Then I came to the conclusion that where I am presently is called a ‘place not a home.’ A place is a particular position or point in space, which means in a relationship, we can only build a foundation of love in our home not our place. There are relationships that are misinterpreted to be a home instead of a place. Mere seeing the relationship, you will just identify it to be a place because you won’t find anything that makes you feel comfortable or anyway you can put off your loads and take a rest. All you will see in a place relationship is just a space, empty but you will forever hear the word ‘I love you’ yeah!  That is easy to say. Believe me, no matter what you can do, you can never make a place a home in a relationship. On the other hand, a home is the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household; For real, you will feel welcome in a homey  relationship. You will find a place to put your loads & packages. You will feel acceptable and valued and then you can decide if you want to build your  garden of love in your home. Do you know something? Never build a garden of love in place because it will be demolished by different people passing by and most importantly, it doesn’t belong to you.”
What do you think? Let’s get Realwithkem 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Battle of Love


              It was a struggle, lots of commotion and echo of war. The wind 💨 seems wicked and nearly blew off my spirit of love ❤. I can also see the future ahead of me which looks bright but I have to get into this battle field before I can get to the future. Now I got nervous because I saw myself staggering and brainstorming on what to do. Should I face the battle or not? I’m not even sure if it worth fighting for. There is one thing I know vividly that not all battles must be fought but any battle fought with sword of love can be conquered. I also realized something; in most cases true love hide in between puds and it is possible to get hurt trying to reach it but the good thing is that you won’t feel the pain because it is a wound that will surly be healed with the love you have with you. True love comes with prices, sacrifices, consequences, commitments and determination. Just a few things I’m sure I need to do after brainstorming; first, make my choices , and ask myself if I’m ready for the consequences of my choices and finally aim for it. Here is my question; DO YOU THINK IT MAKES SENSE TO FIGHT THE BATTLE OF LOVE? Get Realwithkem!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Journey of Love


      I took a peek at the path and the only thing I could see was the beginning which looked beautiful. Yeah! Rosy with beautiful flowers 🌺 🌹 🌸. Me and myself prepared for the journey, I then realized ‘myself’ is my guiding angel, my personalities and all the necessary equipment to walk through the journey. I was excited to start taking steps, then I realized I couldn't walk through the journey alone; that I needed somebody to lift me up when I might be down or to talk with when I might be lonely. That was when I paused and sat down to talk to my guiding angel and she said ‘I would meet different people along the journey. Some would come to prepare me for the journey as to make me strong, some would come to play with me just to keep me going and some would be drawn to me because of my personalities or equipment built in me. Also remember! As you go along this journey, you are picking up packages 📦 and letting go some qualities in you just to survive that moment.’ Hnmmmmm! Wow! Really! Then I asked my guiding angel the signs to look for when I reach my destination, she said ‘One of the signs is the partner that off loads all the packages you have and also he will make you feel at home. Do you know what? There is no end to the journey, because when you finally get to that last partner,  with him you are in another world entirely and you will find love, peace, rest and comfort that guide you to prepare for the everlasting life.’  Interesting, here is the last statement she said ‘Some people can be blessed to meet their life partner at the beginning of the journey but unfortunately can get careless and let him/her go.....sad!’ This is when I realized the journey is journey of love.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Lost Love ❤️

  “  I just knew that was him, yeah! When I heard his voice for the first time, something in me whispered to my ear 👂 and says ‘ he is your destiny’ the part of your life that has been gone, the body you are being made out of, the seed of your happiness, the one that will fix your heart that has been broken, the breeze of joy your soul have been craving for’ after I heard all these from my inner self, i felt the chemistry and connection. Yeah! Then I knew, my sorrow is over, my heart is healed. I felt completed and my soul was at rest. I have Peace in me, yeah I think I’m in love with him. I am falling deep into him and nothing could hold me back. My eyes were closed and I was deeply enjoying the momentum of my falling into him. 
I will feel accomplished if he catches me and makes me fall into him. Yeah! Unfortunately, the love is planted in the wrong place, wait a minute! Do you think 🤔 there is anything like finding love in a wrong place? I have my answer which is ‘No’ because destiny can never be change and what will be will definitely come to pass. You know what, you can still give me your opinions.”
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Wrong Turn

      Each step forward gives me hope, assurance, and something to live for. Unfortunately, it is difficult to keep taking the steps. I ca...