Friday, December 15, 2017

Battle of Love


              It was a struggle, lots of commotion and echo of war. The wind 💨 seems wicked and nearly blew off my spirit of love ❤. I can also see the future ahead of me which looks bright but I have to get into this battle field before I can get to the future. Now I got nervous because I saw myself staggering and brainstorming on what to do. Should I face the battle or not? I’m not even sure if it worth fighting for. There is one thing I know vividly that not all battles must be fought but any battle fought with sword of love can be conquered. I also realized something; in most cases true love hide in between puds and it is possible to get hurt trying to reach it but the good thing is that you won’t feel the pain because it is a wound that will surly be healed with the love you have with you. True love comes with prices, sacrifices, consequences, commitments and determination. Just a few things I’m sure I need to do after brainstorming; first, make my choices , and ask myself if I’m ready for the consequences of my choices and finally aim for it. Here is my question; DO YOU THINK IT MAKES SENSE TO FIGHT THE BATTLE OF LOVE? Get Realwithkem!

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