Saturday, December 9, 2017

Journey of Love


      I took a peek at the path and the only thing I could see was the beginning which looked beautiful. Yeah! Rosy with beautiful flowers 🌺 🌹 🌸. Me and myself prepared for the journey, I then realized ‘myself’ is my guiding angel, my personalities and all the necessary equipment to walk through the journey. I was excited to start taking steps, then I realized I couldn't walk through the journey alone; that I needed somebody to lift me up when I might be down or to talk with when I might be lonely. That was when I paused and sat down to talk to my guiding angel and she said ‘I would meet different people along the journey. Some would come to prepare me for the journey as to make me strong, some would come to play with me just to keep me going and some would be drawn to me because of my personalities or equipment built in me. Also remember! As you go along this journey, you are picking up packages 📦 and letting go some qualities in you just to survive that moment.’ Hnmmmmm! Wow! Really! Then I asked my guiding angel the signs to look for when I reach my destination, she said ‘One of the signs is the partner that off loads all the packages you have and also he will make you feel at home. Do you know what? There is no end to the journey, because when you finally get to that last partner,  with him you are in another world entirely and you will find love, peace, rest and comfort that guide you to prepare for the everlasting life.’  Interesting, here is the last statement she said ‘Some people can be blessed to meet their life partner at the beginning of the journey but unfortunately can get careless and let him/her go.....sad!’ This is when I realized the journey is journey of love.


  1. Nice write up. Love is truly a journey that can't b taken alone. We all hope to find dat very person n av inner peace


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