Friday, December 1, 2017

Lost Love ❤️

  “  I just knew that was him, yeah! When I heard his voice for the first time, something in me whispered to my ear 👂 and says ‘ he is your destiny’ the part of your life that has been gone, the body you are being made out of, the seed of your happiness, the one that will fix your heart that has been broken, the breeze of joy your soul have been craving for’ after I heard all these from my inner self, i felt the chemistry and connection. Yeah! Then I knew, my sorrow is over, my heart is healed. I felt completed and my soul was at rest. I have Peace in me, yeah I think I’m in love with him. I am falling deep into him and nothing could hold me back. My eyes were closed and I was deeply enjoying the momentum of my falling into him. 
I will feel accomplished if he catches me and makes me fall into him. Yeah! Unfortunately, the love is planted in the wrong place, wait a minute! Do you think 🤔 there is anything like finding love in a wrong place? I have my answer which is ‘No’ because destiny can never be change and what will be will definitely come to pass. You know what, you can still give me your opinions.”
Get Realwithkem!

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