Saturday, December 22, 2018

Successful Relationship πŸ‘¨‍❤️‍πŸ‘¨

      A woman in a happy marriage can be lovable, kind-hearted, joyful, loyal, luscious, magnetic and kind. Unfortunately, happy marriage never built itself. It needs lots of work, devotions and sacrifices. It is amazing that husband and wife that married for a long time never look at marital problems in the same way. Usually, a woman gets worried and sad whenever there is trouble in her marriage. Man now gets frustrated by his wife being sad and worry. A woman can spend the whole day nagging about what makes her angry but the man never wants to talk about it. The good part is that, woman stops nagging the moment the man feels her pain; that's all. 

What a woman wants most is for her lover to feel her pain then she will call off the battle. Do you know the interesting part? Man gets frustrated being empathetic with his woman. It's okay! It is advisable to make that sacrifice at that time for the sake of peace in the marriage. It takes lots of effort to be able to empathize in a relationship but it brings the best result if practised. Good news! A woman can be a man goddess if she gets treated the right way.


Thursday, December 6, 2018

New Love ❤️ Part 2

         I picked Shady up at the airport with a big smile on me, I walked up to her, about to wrap my hands around her for a hug; I was surprised to see her turning away from me. I apologized for any inconvenience but she smiled back at me and said ’ I'm not used to hugging man in public".  I'm shy she  said further.  Oh! Hmmm! I don't know about that because I thought she should be matured enough then I remembered it may be due to cultural differences. 
Our two days of being together was  really great. We had a great sex 😌 and I was relieved of a huge loneliness. Shady exposed her true self to me about the fourth day. She heard me talking to someone on the phone and then she exploded, calling me all sort of  names. For real! I started getting nervous talking to her. I apologized- being in a country whose law favors female. On the  Seventh day, she threatened to call the police, oh! Oh! It was getting serious. There was a day she wanted me to do some shopping for her and I was cashless. That day was an unforgettable day for me. 

She locked me out of my house and she broke all my things. Thereafter  I thought of staying late at work to escape from coming to a hot home. I prayed to God fervently every day to let that moment pass by  as soon as possible. I prayed God I really want to be single again. Shady still has a few weeks to spend with me. In a week period with Shady, we get along for only two days and fought the remaining days of her stay. Life was miserable. 
At the end of her visitation I couldn't wait to drop her off at the airport after a hot argument. She said to me never to contact each other which made me happy. I was glad to drop her off at the bus station instead without talking to each  other. When I got home, it was like a Paradise on earth. I was so happy to have my peace and freedom again. Wait a minute! I learned my lesson to enjoy every moment of life and stop complaining. There is nothing like loneliness is a disease. Being by oneself sometimes may bring access to lots of things than you think- you will be closer to God and prepare yourself for the next 
upcoming event in your life. It is always a good idea to enjoy every moment in a lifetime period because you can never get that time back.

Friday, November 30, 2018

New Love Part 1


         I stood still at the same spot and kept wandering. I didn't even know what to do. I was restless, bored and lonely. I believed loneliness was a big problem. I always wished to be welcome by my lover. I always imagined the comfort a real woman could give to her true love. Something like a welcome kiss on the cheeks, assist in taking my jacket off. A delicious dinner served with love and care. I was always battling with all this thoughts in my head and hoping to come true one day.

I was at work when I got a friendship request on the social media from a lady who used to be my old schoolmate. I was happy to accept her because she has been my crush when we were in school. We did a little update especially after a long period of time because I remembered she was only 20 years old then. She has now grown to be a big lady, I couldn't believe she was  already 35 years old. She's still beautiful and my kind of woman. I still remembered calling her Shady. I asked if I could still call her same old name and she was pleased with it. Shady asked if I was still single, and I told the truth that I was  and really bored being by myself. I couldn't reject her offer of visitation Wow! I was very excited because the weather is presently cold and we were even preparing for our first snow of the season. My dream was about to come true. (Watch Out For Part 2)

Tuesday, November 27, 2018



HAPPY 3rd ANNIVERSARY TO ALL MY FANS. For Real! I appreciate every one of you. You gave me the support and courage not to rest my pen. Let's celebrate love because I do love you all πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽπŸΎπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

Friday, November 23, 2018

Perfect Relationship


     She listens to my voice to sleep at night. It feels good when she wraps her little hands around me. She is my beautiful and adorable daughter. I love her because she is the only one I have. My wife Tyler always asks  me; "can you do without your Princess"? The question my wife usually asks always seems like a set of needles inserted into me. I flare up whenever she says that because I love my Princess. 

On a fateful day, I walked into Princess’s room and it was empty. I called for her but no response. Oh God! Where could she be? Everyone joined efforts in  search of my Princess for three days but no luck and Princess would not come back home. I couldn't cry because I had mixed feelings. Then I knew how it feels to be in an empty world. It seemed I was the only one existing. I couldn't eat nor sleep. I got the police involved, some suspects were arrested but that didn't bring back my Princess either. I was in my room mourning and I heard a knock on my door. A lady came in and told me she found my Princess alive in another city. I jumped and I was filled with joy but my joyfulness was cut short. It was just the beginning of my grief period. The lady saw my wife with Princess in another city. For real! I didn't get it right. I called my family for an emergency meeting because I was going crazy. The family called my wife and asked her what was going on. Oh my God! You wouldn't believe what happened. My wife said she took Princess to her father; Oh Jesus! I passed out. Till now I'm still in the hospital and I'm just praying for God to please take me away because I can't just bear the pain, no! I can't deal with it, is too much to bear. What have I done to deserve this from my wife? I thought we love each other. She never complained, I thought we were perfect. Now I know perfection brings pain sometimes because there is nothing like perfection but a bunch of lies, pretence and deceits piled up. Whenever your partner keeps mute please push her/him to speak out. Quietness in a relationship leads to  disaster at the end. I just pray to God to heal me.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Lost Love πŸ’•

        It was a new life entirely. Beautiful place with adorable and appealing creatures. I moved into this new environment at my young age. It's difficult for me to take my eyes off all these gorgeous creatures around here. 
Women are just irresistible.  I found out I could do anything I wanted in this great place. God bless this country. I got myself hooked up with all this enticing ladies. I party with them all nights, for real! Life is beautiful. I never lied to my ladies though, they all knew I have a great wife at home. I even called my wife ‘my mother’ because she's everything to me but these side chicks were just too much. I actually get involved with them and I enjoyed their company. 
I had a blast on my 50th birthday. My ladies spoiled me. After the birthday party, I went home to my motherly wife. I was always happy to return home to her. I called her, ’honey!’ but I heard my voice echoing back at me. What's happening here? I gently walked to her room with my eyes closed, then I opened my eyes but to an empty room. Oh no!!! This  is not happening I was soliloquizing. Right there, I knew my life's empty. My entire life is ruined. I couldn't stop myself from weeping bitterly. Then I got a flashback on how my lovely wife would cry all night on me. She did everything just for me to stop my bad behavior concerning my side chicks. She would even dress cute sometimes and sit in the living room waiting for me to take her out but I never looked at her. I ignored her because I knew she's my wife and she would forever be my wife. I learnt my lesson that freedom is not always what it sounds like but a nice way to ask anyone to build his own world just the way he would like to live in it. 
I can never be happy with any woman because I have lost my true love which comes once in a life time.We should never take anyone for granted in this life. The journey of Life can be successful when you think before taking any step.

Friday, October 26, 2018

My Angel ❤️

          The rain refused to stop pouring. My clothes were soaked and I could not even find a bus to take me to a safe place. It was a mess and I was helpless. I gave up trying to avoid the rain then I sat on a brick waiting for what would happen next. 
Just a few minutes of sitting on the brick, I saw a creature, tall with straight legs. Spotless skin with natural beauty. She wasn't wet because she was holding an umbrella that shielded her from the rain. Then she cut my eyes on hers and she smiled but I quickly looked away because I wasn't proud of myself at that moment. Yeah! I got that feeling she's mine but I told myself not to be ridiculous. She's too beautiful to accept me as her man. She purposely dropped her pen on the floor which I quickly picked up for her then she looked at me again and smiled. She gave me a piece of paper that had her number and said ’call me please.’ Wow! For real! 
I couldn't have imagined what was happening. To be honest with you, she became my woman, soulmate, and angel. She's my heart, I never knew love could come when you are not even searching for it or least expecting. Undoubtedly, an angel would be missing in heaven because she came to me when things were not right. 
Just because she's my angel, she reached out to me and she would forever be my angel. I always promised her never to abuse the opportunity of her giving herself to our love.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Risk of Love ❤️


             Everyone wishes to get married but  forgets taking a tutorial on how to stay in the relationship. 
I was happy to get married to him and we have three children. Unfortunately, the marriage was dissolved after seven years. He was horrible, we couldn't stand each other. I decided to raise my kids by myself and I also promised  never to get married again. Yeah! I enjoy being in my big house, I hang out with my three childhood friends. Being single is another life entirely, it's peaceful, no one bothers me. I do my  things at my own pace. 
I was proud of myself as a mother on my children’s graduations. They are all good kids. I felt bad when they moved out of the house but still, I enjoy the company of my friends. I never missed not having a man in my life. I also never missed having sex. I don't like sex anyway. There was a day one of my friends came to me and said ’Sholly, I think I will be getting married very soon’. Wow! Really! I think we both decided to be single, why now? We are all grown women but I couldn't tell her all my thoughts. Now, I started feeling empty. This is getting interesting because who is going to want me now. The thought of having a man is now running through my mind. I think I need a partner but not for the sake of sex. I thought being single was the best decision ever, but I made a mistake of not doing my comparison the right way. I compared being in an unhappy marriage with being single. I left out the thought of having a happy and peaceful relationship. I didn't even try to see what a real happy marriage would feel like. Now I'm regretting my act of not trying.😩😩😩😩😩 

That is a story of a lady being shared. Life can be boring if we refused to try new things. No one should give up after falling. We can fall but  not get defeated. Any fall in a journey of life is a lesson, not a threat. We all have one life to live, let's explore before giving  up. What do you think? Let's get Realwithkem😘😘😘

Friday, September 28, 2018

Weak Bond


       Life can throw something at you at any time. All you need to do is to hang on to that thing and examine it critically. Ask yourself why you are a target with such a thing at that time. Also, ask yourself what life wants you to make out of it. Finally,  be ready to move on to the next chapter in your life. 
     Love can make you do anything for whom you love. Only love can make you hurt yourself without knowing it because you are aiming at making her/him happy then  lose focus on yourself. A lover can pass through wolves and snakes just to reach the gold to beautify his/her relationship. Here is an unfortunate situation that can happen after attaining the gold; the bond of love between him and his lover may be weakened at the time.Then the stress of trying to please her may not be worthy of it anymore. Also, the lover at the receiving end may not even value the gold brought anymore instead, she will see it as a compensation. Another thing is, the lover on a receiving side can see your returns to the relationship as an opportunity to make your life miserable whereas you did all you did just because of her.  For Real! The problem may have built up from the fact of not carrying her/him along in your search or struggle. 
     In life, don't do things because you just love doing it but do things because it is necessary and won't make an unbearable impact on you. No time should be wasted in life because every second of our lives count.
What do you think? Let's get Realwithkem❤️

Friday, September 7, 2018

Endless Love ❤️

         It is possible to be deceived by the shadow of an image that our heart desires. Then we decide to build love on the fake image with the assumption of being in love. It will eventually lead to heartbreak. 
Do you know something? In most cases we develop interest in  wrong places and sow seed of love in infertile soil. Your dream partner may not be your lover and if you go for it, you may become his/her horse to ride. All humans have the tendency to take advantage of one another. 
I have a suggestion-  that  we thread with carefulness  when we love. You just have to slow down to observe if the thread of love binds you both or you are just making effort to knit it together. For real! Your true love may be passing by you while  trying to make the fake shadow work. Having a mind set of how your partner should look like could drag you into endless search for  love . I used the word ‘endless" because you will keep trying to make him/her love you in return for your love  but instead, he/she will continue to take advantage of you until the whole search for  love turns to hate which apparently  will be the end of the relationship. Let’s get Realwithkem 😘

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Love appreciation❤️❤️❤️

   Beautiful roses without nourishment and appreciation can wither . Women are like attractive and beautiful roses but very delicate. Roses can die if they are held too tight or handled without care. Some  women can be unhappy in a relationship if they are not appreciated or cherished. Women are built to be strong and supportive. I mean it, all women have the supportive  spirit in them.  You as a man need to bring out the spirit in your woman . For real, you can only bring out the supportive spirit in a woman by showing her love and  not just with your money alone. A man may also express love to her woman simply  by touching, seriously! 
Women love the feel of a gentle touch from a man. Learn to tell her how much you love her, how much she meant to you. Look into her eyes and say "I  need you in my life". Scold her lightly when she wrongs you then draw her closer to you thereafter . Some women appreciate sex but the majority appreciate the touch of their lovers and the soft kiss of whom they deeply love. Remember women are like roses and it is a man's  duty to bring out the best out of them. Women are devoted, caring, honest and emotional lover. Appreciate woman with love, care, sweet words, soft touch and gentle kisses😘😘😘
What do you think fans? Let's get Realwithkem😘

Saturday, August 4, 2018

The Storm part 2 😘😘

        It is easy to wish for a change but not everyone can tolerate  the commotion associated with the process . 
The stress of a change may look like destructive  but with just a little patience  there is always a favorable  weather  after a bad storm. Not all storms are destructive some are just God sent to straighten us up, but we never know. 
Majority of us are scared of the unknown . This  can hinder us from climbing the mountain of achievement in life. Relationship is another life on its own. We need whatever it takes to build it with happiness, peace, success, achievements and finally a strong bond. Sometimes in life, we aim for good things but life throws us what we do not expect . We look forward to a turn around which may come in the form of a storm. All we need to do during the storm is to be fearless.  Remember, we can't do anything with the spirit of fear. Furthermore , increase your tolerance level, be firm  and never get carried away by the commotion of the storm; instead, focus on what life will look like after the storm. Remember also you need to experience what will happen after the storm which is always a calm atmosphere . When the storm stops, just clean up and use that opportunity to reconstruct your relationship the way you want it for a fresh start,  and the change you hope for. For real! Pay more attention  to the foundation because a wrong impression at the beginning of a relationship will eventually destroy it  at the time you think you have the  stability. 
What do you think? Let's get Realwithkem😘.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Storm ⛈ ☔️ ⛈⛈⛈


    “ I felt myself sink into a state of ease and I certainly knew what was coming next. I could sense it nearing and it was scary. It was a dark evening and I could hear my heartbeat because I was all alone. Thunder rumbled in the distance and a bolt of lightning cracked the midnight blue sky into two. I am sure the rain was promised because the wind has already unleashed. My legs have been stiffed with fear of drowning. I could still feel the coldness despite the big comforter that was wrapped around me. That’s it! It is just the end. Now I started to think of how much I gave my life to him but he let me down. All promises went in vain. I couldn’t phantom what happened to our ship πŸš’ in the relationship because it will definitely sink into this coming storm. I worked hard for the survival of this relationship. I let go some opportunities that would have saved me from this calamity instead I gave all my love to him and focused just on him. Now I can see myself perishing with this storm because I wasn’t prepared. Oh no! I thought it is a good thing to be in love but what about  the unknown monster ahead of love. I couldn’t bring myself to cry because my spirit is dead already. It is really sad and disheartening😭😭😭 to experience the other side of love this way.”

I will be writing on this article next weekπŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½Get Realwithkem😘😘

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Spoilt brat lover part 2


              It is never a crime to love but it can be a crime when the love is taken for granted. It is easy to spoil your lover owing  to the love you have for him but remember your children maybe at risk of what you call pleasure. Doing everything for your partner won’t give him/her the opportunity  to express his own feelings towards you. You just have to give him room  to prove to you if he really loves you. You can only examine him/her while your eyes are  opened and your brain at work to figure out the puzzles. Yeah! Relationship is a puzzle and you may be lost while trying to put the puzzles together. So! You have to learn how to reason without being sentimental and how to see things beyond the present, finally learn how to handle things maturely. Relationship is not only about the pleasure at the moment because anyone can offer you the pleasure; relationship is about taking charge and building your own world. Now, you found yourself in the hand of a spoilt brat lover; how can you get out of the relationship? Believe me, it is never easy to get out because he will always tell you how much he loves you and how he can do anything for you. Your spoilt brat lover is saying all this for  what he is getting from you at that moment. Remember! For every action, there must be a reaction so what will you expect from him than to make you believe he deserves you. Oh girl! You need a man that can take charge, a man that can lift you up when you are down. Women already have their hands full with their children than to take another burden of nursing a spoilt brats. For real, a spoilt brat lover will eventually leave you for another woman. Easy way to get out, pretend he doesn’t exist and move
 on. Another way, do it for your children, teach 
your male child how to take care of a woman. Let’s build the world from our home so it goes around. Keeping a spoilt brat lover can ruin a whole generation. Let me rest my pen here😜😜😜. What do you think? Let’s get Realwithkem😘

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Spoilt Brat lover

           I don’t think it is a crime to love and care for the love of your life. I want you to pay attention to my story and pick out my wrongs.
  I waited for my Mr Right to come to me. I finally met him and I love him with my whole heart. He is handsome , he is everything I wanted in a man. I never knew we can get along due to differences in our  ethnicity  but we do. I even changed my name to his last name and it is funny how people looked at me with a surprise whenever they heard my last name. I spoiled Akeem, I try to do everything for him to be happy. 
Here is the problem, I am not sure if he loves me as I love him. Akeem would  leave the house for a week without contacting me and the children.  When he returns, he usually asks for forgiveness. Akeem can’t even do any hard work than a short cut to make money and  then party with it. He almost ruined my entire life with the last stupid thing he did. He messed up my account and left me with zero balance . It  was hard to feed my children as a result . Tough to survive. I nearly got fired at work due to my emotional breakdown.  Needless to say my job is the only way I know to feed the entire family, him included. The painful part of it is that, he has not returned home for five days now. He didn’t call or pick my calls. It is  painful when you love with your soul and you are not getting it back. Now my children are feeling the consequences of his behavior.  I still can’t understand why I love him this much because he is hurting me. I can’t even do without him, I am helpless and stuck. I am sure he will be back after spending all the money to ask for forgiveness as usual. I don’t know why life is unfair. I waited for a long time before meeting Akeem and we have been together for 10 years and he is still acting like a baby. He refused to grow up. I never bothered how he goes around with girls and ........ I just don’t know. I am really sad and I don’t know what to do.
     What do you think about the woman true life story? Next week! I will write my opinion on this case. Let’s get Realwithkem😘😘

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Bondage of Love ❤️

      Is it really possible to be stuck in love? My answer will be yes. It's possible to truly have strong feelings for her/him. Her problem can be yours. Her joy gives you hope. Her smile tells you more about beautiful things on earth. Her attitude is always right to you. Her faults make you see things in a different way. She is just your heart’s desire. Unfortunately, all that feelings you have towards her/him may just be your wishes which you may not actually get from your lover and this can be reviewed by asking yourself if you are really happy with him/her. Your answer maybe ‘No’. However, you have a strong feeling for her which makes you stuck in the relationship. This kind of situation can always be fixed. First; you have to be sure he/she cares about you. Then you can work on him loving you which may give you the happiness you hope for. Secondly; Try to find out what makes you unhappy in the relationship which I’m sure the fingers will be pointing to your partner 😜. Keep something at the back of your mind, you can’t change him but you can change yourself to live with him/her in order to be happy and if you try putting too much effort in changing your partner; you may end up changing who you are originally. You can persuade with love and make him/her understand why you both most compromise in the relationship. Let her know what you feel for her and how being with her will fetch both happiness. Lastly, Love is a game that can be played by a smart, patient, calm, honest, fast thinker, focused person and achiever. The good thing about game of love is, it can only be won by the player that finished the 
game. What do you think? Let’s get Realwithkem!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Step of Love

     I understand endurance in a relationship but not sacrificing happiness for relationship. Being in love should add value to life not to take valuable things away from life. Even our Lord Jesus Christ left where he was born to another place in other to perform wonders. Jesus Christ did that because he wasn’t accepted in his own home but he didn’t stay there and settle . Jesus knew if he did  he would  be stuck one place and would  not have been be able to go where he was needed. He put sentiment away and took a step by leaving his own home to another place where the name of the Lord was glorified. 
Some people  are stuck in unfruitful relationship due to sentiments, fear of unknown, fear of falling, and  not believing in God’s plan. No one can succeed without falling. It is better to fall at a younger age than to be crippled in an old age; because you can easily get help when you are young and beautiful but unllikely if anyone will stay with a cripple woman/man all life-long . Everyone gets his/her life to live. Being in a relationship should not be about ourselves, it should be about how both partners can make changes to the world, how both partners can touch others people’s life. Is good to think about the plan of  God for us and how it can be fulfilled without being sentimental.
What do you think? Let’s get Realwithkem

Saturday, June 9, 2018


           The warmth of my babe could heal my wound. His hands gently rubbing on my back and feeling my laps could filled my soul with joy. Especially the soft kisses of a loved one could take away the pain of heartbreakers. Feeling his skin on me could just make me feel like a woman. Do you know what? I’m starving from all this I have stated. I love him and he loves me more but I can’t just bear this anymore. I am a cat when it comes to my man but he won’t let me feel him. I asked him, he responded ‘You know I love you, and is in the heart not by you touching me or rubbing on me’ Wow! Really! What happened to intimacy in a relationship? Then he said ‘You know I  have been by myself for some time now so, is not easy’ Oh my goodness! I don’t know what to do because my admirers kept calling my number and  sending me lovely text messages. You won’t even believe it that my ex-boyfriend never stopped telling me how he can take me to another level in bed and for real he was good when I was with him. I think I’m about to make another decision because I can’t sacrifice my happiness for anyone or what do you think?
  For real! We lie on devil or outsiders but the problem and solution are within us. We create our problems and is certain that we have the solution. There is power of love all over us which we are supposed to use for our lovers. Your hands should be a love machine all over your lover and your words should be the key to open your lover’s heart then you can get in with your soul, body and your lips. Let’s use what we have to keep our relationships because life is just too short, let’s enjoy our loved ones. What do you think? Let’s get Realwithkem!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Decision of Love

       “I can’t just wait to see my love, the one that owns my soul, the only one that I will spend my life with. Being away from him is like leaving a  part of me somewhere. I have missed him so much that thinking of him turned me on 😜. I am sure he can’t wait to see me too because I told him I  have been waiting for him and keeping myself clean just for my sunshine. I can’t  just wait to have the sexy night of my life, yeah! It will be hot😜😜😜. 
Good thing, the flight didn’t take long, but I couldn’t sleep in the plane, just thinking of my babe, my love, my sweetheart. Do you know what? He was happy to see me, I couldn’t just stop kissing him. He grabbed me really tight, wow! I felt secured and loved. Wow! I had a good shower and now bed time πŸ™ˆπŸ˜œ. My babe is good in bed, I’m telling you. I made him happy by doing what I know best in bed but the unfortunate part was that, my man called me another girl’s name. Seriously! I was turned off, really! Oh Men! Yeah! WHAT SHOULD I DO HERE? I AM IN A DILEMMA.”
   Help the poor lady out people. What can she do? Let’s just get REALWITHKEM.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Relationship Holes

       There can be a hole in a relationship, whenever partners hold on to something that hurts them. We just have to accept the fact that our lovers are the only one that can hurt us most. In some cases a few of what your partner does to hurt you can be subconscious and she/he may not even see it as something bad. Believe it or not, some of these problems in our relationships are not intentional. Partners may have good intentions of pleasing one another but unfortunately got misinterpreted. So, find a reason in your heart to let go of grogginess.  Love can fade off if surrounded with hatred and sadness. Let’s learn to live with one another because all human are the same; just of different characters. 
    What do you think? Let’s get Realwithkem

Friday, May 11, 2018

Relationships bug πŸ›

      Beautiful roses 🌹🌹🌹usually attract insects 🐜🐜🐜🐜 just the same way perfect relationship normally gets attraction from outsiders. Yeah! No relationship is perfect I agree but some couples put extra efforts to almost stay perfect. The unfortunate part is that, they forgot how beautiful flowers scent attract insects 🐜 which are the outsiders. I am sure, flowers will think all insects come with  good intentions but never; sometimes they infest and  suck out the good part of the flower. They may wither away in the process . Outsiders don't always have good aims for a good relationship especially if they see happiness in the relationship. Couples should always stay tight and make the bond unbreakable for outsiders.
Now to the houses, what do you think? Let's get Realwithkem

Friday, May 4, 2018

Battle of Love ❤️


            “It was a struggle, lots of commotion and echo of war. The wind πŸ’¨ seems wicked and nearly blew off that love I have in me ❤. I can also see the future ahead of me which looks bright but I have to get into this battle field before I can get to the future. Now I got nervous because I saw myself staggering and brainstorming on what to do. Should I face the battle or not? I’m not even sure if it is worth fighting for.”
       There is one thing I know vividly that not all battles are worth fighting  but any battle fought with sword of love can be conquered. I also realized that - in most cases true love hide in-between puds and it is possible to get hurt trying to reach it. The good thing is, you won’t feel the pain because it is a wound that will surely ly be healed with the power of love. 
True love comes with prices, sacrifices, consequences, commitments and determination. Just a few things to do before fighting the battle of love; first, make your choice , and ask yourself if you are ready for the consequences of your choice . Finally aim at it. What do you think? Get Realwithkem

Friday, April 27, 2018

Rejection Love ❤️

                    “I still remember when you moved closer to me, your arms wrapped around me. Your flesh on my flesh and I could breathe in your sweet breath. Your head on my chest felt comfortable and I loved when I wraped my fingers around your neck and I still do. Can you recollect what you said to me? You said it with your lips rubbing on mine, you said ‘I will forever be yours, no matter what happens.’ What happen to those good days? Why will you tell me what you never meant? The lady you left me for is not your choice. Babe come back home! I love you and I do. I can’t just move on! I rather be by myself because I will never find someone like you.”

         For real! We do get it wrong sometimes. We think we have Mr right but wrong. We are free to make our choices but the creator's choice is best for us. Let me explain how this work; our five sensory senses work together with our brain. For instance, the one you loved is kissing you, viewing your beauty , hearing your sweet voice, and feeling you with the sense of touch; what do you think will happen after that? Boom! His sensory organs will take the information perceived by all these sensory senses to his brain. Then an emotional part of the brain will get to work and the sweet words & promises will definitely be released.
            Here is something about love, enjoy it when it gives peace and happiness. However, you have the power to wish it off if your love life is threatening your happiness. All the keys to switch it off are all in the brain. Why do  you think you are still in love with the person that rejected you? You should tell yourself ‘No! I don’t  love him anymore’ if he can leave you for another woman then drop his love and move on.  Steps to wipe his love off are; when you remember him, just tell yourself what he did to you. Don’t even try to remember the good part anymore because that will only bring sadness to your life, it’s over and stop hurting. Add value to yourself and love yourself. When you are done fixing yourself, then go shopping if you like, you will surely get a better man out there. There is always joy after tears. One thing! There is a puzzle piece out there, that will complete the puzzle of your life. Good thing! When you find it, you will definitely know he is the one 😘😘😘. What do you think? Just be  Realwithkem!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Unhappy ☹️ Relationship

    "I will rather stay single than to be in an unhappy relationship. Yes! That's is just the truth! I have my life to live and I also have my choices to make. Moreso, the will power to change my life is within me. I am the best person to give myself an advice because I know the truth and I can't lie to myself.”
For Real! Why should anyone bother about what people will say? Do you know what? People out there will say what others want to hear. The closest person to us can't feel our pain. One thing I sometimes appreciate in people  is that, either in success or failure , somebody out there will always celebrate you. It is also true that even in success someone will still  cry you down. 
The good thing about failure is that it  strengthens your inner self. 
Yeah! I understand is good to endure in a relationship but at what point does it become being endangered. Men have opportunities for multiple trials when it comes to dating with no regard to age. Women are just precious mother, lovely and soft hearted human being that like to respect the woman in them 😘😘😘😘. But still, in a relationship Individual comes first. Relationship without happiness is emptiness. Sure! The love we give to the community comes from our relationship. If we harbor bad relationship that contains tears 😭 then, there is nothing to give back to the world other than, aggression, hatred,revenge, frustration and anger. All this can eat up our soul. Bad relationship is just as bad as soul in a dead body.
Now back to the lady’s question, when is the good time to say no to endurance in a relationship? Let’s  get RealwithKem!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Hurting Love πŸ’•

    “Can you really get tired of loving me? I just need to ask that question. You never complained.You just smile at whatever I say. I mainly love you because you comply with whatever I want. Then what? I meant why the sudden change?”

 It is difficult for a woman to let her man know whether she is hurting or not. She values being your ‘Mrs.’ Woman tends to protect her relationship, integrity and  self esteem. She dies in her silence and cries alone at night. Then develop series of health condition just for love. How will you know if she is hurting? She smiles when you talk and will not contribute a word. She will be cautious when she talks to you. She likes to be alone. Then you know she is hurting, which may sometimes lead to occasional outburst or showing attitudes . And when this happens, the relationship may be at risk. Woman can be one of the best angel in heaven and can also portray the devil angel when she chooses to do so.  Men! Just watch out for your women, let them be your guiding angel because, when they love, it is pure and real. 
What do you think? Let’s get Realwithkem

Friday, April 6, 2018

Lover’s downfall😲

  “ I knew from the first day she is mine. My better half and  love of my life. She is sad when I’m unhappy. She lifts me up when I’m down and gives me strength when I’m feeble. My destiny woman gives me reasons to hold on when I’m spineless. I can’t do without her, I will be empty if she is lost for a second in my life. Unfortunately, I am presently helpless when the table turns around. I can see what she is not seeing, I tried letting her see it but she doesn't. My angel wants to fall into a destructive pit. How can I help her?”
         Conflicts is one of the major problem in a relationship. There is something we should know about conflicts; we should accept the fact that both partners are right but just viewing situation differently. Our interpretation of situations can also be different. Here is my take; when it comes to dealing with conflicts in a relationship, accept she is right, try to make her see sense in your points but with calm voice and manner. If she still wants her way,  please let her have it. The sacrifices you will be ready to offer are; do what you can to stop her fall and to be there to catch her if she did. She might decided to listen to you after her fall.
      Now, let’s help the young man from the story. Is there any other 
ways he can convince her woman? Let’s get REALWITHKEM!

Friday, March 30, 2018

Just mine😘❤️

              “He was backing me and I could view his wide shoulders. Unbelievable, I got lost just starring at him. He didn’t know I was starring while he was busy fixing the flowers πŸ’πŸŒΊ he got me.  He would do that almost everyday. 
He is  real, handsome, and a gentleman 😘😘😘. He talks with passion. He tells me ‘your smile, put smile  on me and your sadness tear my heart apart.’ Hmmmmm, he is my world and I can’t afford to loose him. I want just me and him; no friends, no strange calls. I protect him jealously because I may not survive it if anything go wrong between us. Unfortunately, he said to me one day ‘the only problem I have with you is being too jealous.’ Yeah! He is right, that is the only thing we fight over. I can’t help it, I have to hold him tight because I love him.”

That’s true, if you love him and he is real, you better hold him tight. But, you don’t want to hold him down by just watching over him. It is good to tie your man down with these ropes as good personalities, your soul, satisfaction, pleasure and finally be his best friend and try to get along with each other. But please, don’t drop that jealousness completely because it is considered to be a spice 🌢 in a relationship. We all need to watch over ourselves. We all have the potential to go astray if we have no laws or rules guiding us. 
Now to you! What do you think about keeping what you cherish most to yourself? Let’s get Realwithkem

Friday, March 23, 2018

My Babe 😘😘

       “I just heard my name from afar ‘SHADY,’ wow! Can’t he just stop calling me by my name. For real I got upset whenever he called me by my name, I wished he could just call me sweet names. 
I don’t know about you but it sounds bad when your partner calls you like a maid.”

For real! Name is very important in our relationships . The names we call our lovers explain it all, because we portray what we call them. For instance, if you call your partner  ‘babe’ that just means you will cherish, care and adore him/her like your precious baby. Romantic names spicy up relationship. Women especially love to be called sweet names, it gives them sense of belonging; It is unbelievable that men also love to be called romantic names, the name makes them calm and do whatever their ladies want. Wait a minute! Do you think I’m wrong here? WHAT DO YOU CALL YOUR LOVER? Let’s get Realwithkem.

Friday, March 16, 2018

🌹Innermost 🌸Feelings🌺

        “I thought it was a dream when he opened the door and came right at me. His eyes were red and he was furious. I held him and asked him if he was okay. His voice was very loud and he said ‘I don’t think I can go any further with this relationship, things are not working out and I have to go.’ I said ‘ Do whatever pleases you. I can live without you. I’m sure I haven't done anything wrong.’  Then, he decided to walk away from all we have built together. I never knew he would do it but he did. He picked a few things and slammed the door on me. Wow! I thought I could handle it all by myself. I actually felt his absence and couldn't handle it. The love I have for him is deep within me. Oh my God! I never thought I truly loved him, I shouldn’t have let him go. 
The world is meaningless without that other part of me. This is not happening, maybe I need to wake up from my sleep. He made lots of promises to me. What could have gotten into him or me?”

When sh*t happens in a relationship, we think we can handle it all by ourselves but we lie. The one above all of us, watches us in silence and wanting us to call upon him. Lot of things that happens in our relationships are not war against flesh but inner self. Let’s drop that ego that says ‘Yeah! I can handle it’ and turn it to ‘Father take charge.’ Wait a minute! Why will you let him go if you really loved him? Know one thing! The wind of trouble in a relationship is always temporary, it can stop if you pause and take a deep breath then finally, let the Almighty Father take charge. What do you think?    Let’s get Realwithkem

Friday, March 9, 2018

Sweet words😘😘

    “I am his angel, he carries me with care and love. He tells me ‘Having you mean the whole world to me. I will forever cherish and adore you. I can’t do without touching this soft skin. Whispering into your ears give me excitement. You are my  gift of life. My soul will never depart from you. I promise to keep you in my heart now and after death.” His words always make me cry, because when he says it , he looks directly into my eyes and utter the words slowly. I truly love him too and all his assurance of love make me love him more because his words live in me. 
On this morning, as his normal routine, he told me he would be there for me  both in spirit and body; as he was about  going to his car, he stopped short, suddenly dropped on his knees. As  he did, he could not utter a word. I thought the rapture has come because I couldn’t see anything,.
All I could hear was an  imaginary voice  telling me he would  never depart from me. I thought  he just broke his promise because his eyes were closed. No! No love life should end this way I thought.  I need him! 
The Doctor said, he lost his voice. I see him laying in bed everyday but can't tell me how much he loves me  anymore. No arms to lift me up, I’m not even sure if he recognizes me. Do you know what? I tell him  those words he used to say to me. 
I did remind him what we have done together. 
I am still happy because he has fed me with his words when he has his voice, so that kept us alive. I will forever love him.”
One of the best thing in life is to enjoy life with the one you love. The good times you share with your lover give you reason to live long and stay happy. Sure! Quarrels do happen but get over it in a short time because you never know what might happen in the next second of our life. If you are blessed with the love of your life, appreciate, cherish and adore him/her so  you can have good memories to sustain both of you at old age. 
Here is my question; Do you think such love still exist or what do you think? Let’s get Realwithkem!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Comfort in Love πŸ’

        “I’m just doing what I know best. I’m staying between her and the door. The closer I get to the door, the more thoughts are  rumbling in my head. Closing the door after me means a lot, is like cutting off the bond between us. The thought of walking away from her makes me feel I’m stepping into a lost world. I knew her for a long time but have no idea of who I may walk into next. Decision made in a second may ruin or safe a relationship. As I was about to take that first step into  the world outside: I felt destroyed empty, scared ;at the same, thinking I’m doing what is best for the relationship. Then I stared at her thinking  that would be  last time I would look her in the face.  
She  stood there looking helpless, holding herself tight and wanting to open her mouth. Then I got more confused because I didn’t know what she wanted to say; maybe ‘get out!’ or ‘please don’t leave me'. The strong bond between us pulled me closer to her but I was silent. I heard her sweet and shaky voice, she said ‘I’m sorry’. I thought that was an angel but no! She said it for the first time! I  have been waiting for that word to hold me back. Oh! I kissed her and I felt relieved. Seriously! I love her more πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹.”
That is power of ‘Sorry.’ The word is just five letters word but very difficult to spit out and we have to pronounce it to make things right. Situation can be bad within a second and can always stay under control within that same second. It is unfortunate that no one want to say it at that time because is just not the right word at the time. Do you know what I think? Just say it to yourself silently first ‘yeah! Whatever I’m sorry’ then it will come easier on the second trial. Let’s safe the  love and bond we share with loved ones with just that egoistic word ‘SORRY.’  What do you think? 
Let’s get Realwithkem!

Friday, February 23, 2018


“He won’t stop nagging, he just won’t stop 😑😑, we are both angry here. I feel like I'm just making it worse and I’m sure he's feeling the same way. No! I’m the one hurting not him, why won’t he hear me out. I feel like I am in an oven right now and I just need some air or else I will stop breathing. Wait a minute! Why is he getting closer to me? Is he going to hit me or what? Oh! I think I’m freaking out right now". Oh my goodness! I was wrong, he said ‘babe! you are bleeding.’ My nerves got weakened immediately and I starred at him with tears rolling down my cheeks. I cried because I thought he didn’t love me anymore, I thought it was over between us. Then I realized he truly loved me and not an obsession; You know what, these are like two identical twins with different characters. Obsession is an affection or feelings you have towards a person at the time he/she is in your possession; Love is an affection or feelings you have within you to a person without any conditions. Yeah! Real talk, obsession will show you love and make you comfortable because he knows you must survive to be useful for him. You must survive to take care of the children or to take care of him if he is sick, he then believes he can scold you and even hit you if he gets angry at you. Love in the other hands will prefer to hurt himself in the name of anger then to hurt you. Elements of love will definitely pop up during an argument or bad times in a relationship. You can figure it out if he loves you or he just think he owns you. If he loves you, he will cherish and adore you which means he will sacrifice whatever it takes to make you stay in his heart. Both Love and Obsession can be confusing to the extent of an individual not being able to differentiate if they love or own their partners .” Yup! That’s it, what do you think? Realwithkem!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Who am I?

     “I’m glad I have the strong voice to make things happen, you know is a lot of work to be a man. Taking charge is always the priority of a man, one never think of going to a party or hanging out with friends at the beach. A man gives order and makes things happen which  makes it important for a man to seek for perfection. Unfortunately, I am not a man but a woman built with elements of a man. Yeah! I remember my daddy always had dialogues with me as a friend. Being the first child of the family, I was brought up like a man which is a good thing in one way but makes it  difficult to hold a man down. Do you know why is tough to be a wife when you are  brought up to have some characteristics of a man? Gender roles play a huge part in some marriages and it is sad because it destroys marriages. When you met her, I’m sure you loved her which makes you accept her as a whole; why then, do you think you can change her? You can’t! She was built to face the world and conquer. It doesn’t matter who take charge but it is important to get things done as a couple. Let’s slow down on gender roles in our marriages  because you are both raised in different ways  and homes. Do not get me wrong, it is good for a woman to be submissive to her husband but still, you both can reach a compromise to maintain peaceful and happy relationship/marriage.”
Now to the house, what do you think about gender roles in either relationship or marriage? Let’s get Realwithkem.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Valentine Give-away

"Quote any of my words that appear in three of my recent articles and the winner will have his/her phone number credited with a recharge card of 5000k naira. Remember to include the topic where you got the qoute from." Happy Valentine😊😊😊
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Friday, February 2, 2018

Who can propose#?

      “I will prefer my girl to propose to me and even buy the ring, it is just the right thing to do. This is  what I noticed ladies do, they are very quick at throwing back the ring at their men when they are upset, I’m sure mine  won’t do that if she bought the ring with her money which means she owns it.” 
Yeah! Funny, do you think the man is making sense or not? Let’s get Realwithkem and discuss this on our discussion page;

Friday, January 26, 2018

Phases of Love

          “‘Have never felt this way before babe, my feelings for you is just too real. How I wished you can see the flame of your love all over me. All my thoughts are built for you my love. The thought of your beauty and pleasant voice never paused in my brain. The thought of the gentle touch of my lips πŸ‘„ on yours make me feel I want to stay in this earth forever. Wished I can just make a reservation with God to pitch us together in the next life.’
Wow! That's what my man used to tell me every day. Imagine hearing that always. He blew my mind. 
Unfortunately, things changed, then I realized there are three phases of the word ‘I ❤u.’ The first phase is the one you should enjoy because it makes you feel like a princess or prince but it last for a short time because is not real; you both don’t know what you are getting into yet. The second phase is my favorite because is the real one, no more delicious words, state of fact 😜. This second phase is after you have exchange excitements then you started thinking of having her/him as your life partner....yap! Then you just have to start picking on each other. Seeing each other’s faults. Here is a take about this stage, do not force the hands of clock; let things happen on its own. Letting things happen by itself will give both partners the room to make themselves know and accept the outcome of this second phase. The last phase is just the residue stage because is whatever left from the second stage; but the good news is that, you both can breath more love into the residue and it will now last forever and ever.”
Yeah! What do you think Fans? Let’s get Realwithkem!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Pleasure 🌺 Life


      His voice couldn’t stop me from getting closer to him, I can’t just resist him. His body is silky and his smile makes me think he will satisfy me when it comes to sex. The closer I get to him,  my appetite for sex increases. Meanwhile, we just met, first night but I’m not sure if I should have sex with him or not. Here is what I know, the minimum of five minutes pleasure can change anyone’s life; either for good or bad. As a human being, I should have a lot to protect which should not be stolen from me. Unfortunately, the pleasure of five minutes could either take or add to what one has  been protecting. Here is my question, how will I know which one to take out or add on to what I’m protecting in my life? Sure, you first have to know if you really need the sex pleasure because sometimes we eat but not hungry; I understand it is difficult, but to protect what you have, you have to let go of what you do not need. There are ways to help your sex appetite if you really want to stay clean and remember life is always a choice; all you have to do is to make your decision if you want pleasure than life. One more thing, let’s learn to build our inner self than our physical self because physical self will always demand for what is out there to suit itself but inner self focuses  on just you and survive with what is within in. 
Yeah! What do you think?  Realwithkem 😘

Wrong Turn

      Each step forward gives me hope, assurance, and something to live for. Unfortunately, it is difficult to keep taking the steps. I ca...