Friday, January 26, 2018

Phases of Love

          “‘Have never felt this way before babe, my feelings for you is just too real. How I wished you can see the flame of your love all over me. All my thoughts are built for you my love. The thought of your beauty and pleasant voice never paused in my brain. The thought of the gentle touch of my lips 👄 on yours make me feel I want to stay in this earth forever. Wished I can just make a reservation with God to pitch us together in the next life.’
Wow! That's what my man used to tell me every day. Imagine hearing that always. He blew my mind. 
Unfortunately, things changed, then I realized there are three phases of the word ‘I ❤u.’ The first phase is the one you should enjoy because it makes you feel like a princess or prince but it last for a short time because is not real; you both don’t know what you are getting into yet. The second phase is my favorite because is the real one, no more delicious words, state of fact 😜. This second phase is after you have exchange excitements then you started thinking of having her/him as your life partner....yap! Then you just have to start picking on each other. Seeing each other’s faults. Here is a take about this stage, do not force the hands of clock; let things happen on its own. Letting things happen by itself will give both partners the room to make themselves know and accept the outcome of this second phase. The last phase is just the residue stage because is whatever left from the second stage; but the good news is that, you both can breath more love into the residue and it will now last forever and ever.”
Yeah! What do you think Fans? Let’s get Realwithkem!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Pleasure 🌺 Life


      His voice couldn’t stop me from getting closer to him, I can’t just resist him. His body is silky and his smile makes me think he will satisfy me when it comes to sex. The closer I get to him,  my appetite for sex increases. Meanwhile, we just met, first night but I’m not sure if I should have sex with him or not. Here is what I know, the minimum of five minutes pleasure can change anyone’s life; either for good or bad. As a human being, I should have a lot to protect which should not be stolen from me. Unfortunately, the pleasure of five minutes could either take or add to what one has  been protecting. Here is my question, how will I know which one to take out or add on to what I’m protecting in my life? Sure, you first have to know if you really need the sex pleasure because sometimes we eat but not hungry; I understand it is difficult, but to protect what you have, you have to let go of what you do not need. There are ways to help your sex appetite if you really want to stay clean and remember life is always a choice; all you have to do is to make your decision if you want pleasure than life. One more thing, let’s learn to build our inner self than our physical self because physical self will always demand for what is out there to suit itself but inner self focuses  on just you and survive with what is within in. 
Yeah! What do you think?  Realwithkem 😘

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Passing by &Living life

          My heart keeps beating, my blood keeps running and my thoughts can’t just do without thinking of his love. He made me feel good, I thought I found him, yeah! My mind refused to rest and now my thoughts seems confused 🤷‍♀. Wait a minute! I think I made a mistake; I promised myself to just pass by and not to live life. For real! These two things are totally different. You can get wasted and lifeless with the aim of passing by; yes! I got it, someone broke your heart before and you decided not to love again but to just pass by, you may be wrong. There is something you should realize, the property to live life may pass you by when wasting time with passing by decision. The decision to live life may require patience and determination. Passing by can be temporary while living life is permanent and requires wisdom. Here is my take, never give up until you find  peace in a relationship, life is too short than to waste life time on passing by decision. It is always okay, to take your time before making the decision to live life in a relationship. 
What do you think? Realwithkem

Wrong Turn

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