Saturday, January 6, 2018

Passing by &Living life

          My heart keeps beating, my blood keeps running and my thoughts can’t just do without thinking of his love. He made me feel good, I thought I found him, yeah! My mind refused to rest and now my thoughts seems confused 🤷‍♀. Wait a minute! I think I made a mistake; I promised myself to just pass by and not to live life. For real! These two things are totally different. You can get wasted and lifeless with the aim of passing by; yes! I got it, someone broke your heart before and you decided not to love again but to just pass by, you may be wrong. There is something you should realize, the property to live life may pass you by when wasting time with passing by decision. The decision to live life may require patience and determination. Passing by can be temporary while living life is permanent and requires wisdom. Here is my take, never give up until you find  peace in a relationship, life is too short than to waste life time on passing by decision. It is always okay, to take your time before making the decision to live life in a relationship. 
What do you think? Realwithkem

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