Friday, January 19, 2018

Pleasure 🌺 Life


      His voice couldn’t stop me from getting closer to him, I can’t just resist him. His body is silky and his smile makes me think he will satisfy me when it comes to sex. The closer I get to him,  my appetite for sex increases. Meanwhile, we just met, first night but I’m not sure if I should have sex with him or not. Here is what I know, the minimum of five minutes pleasure can change anyone’s life; either for good or bad. As a human being, I should have a lot to protect which should not be stolen from me. Unfortunately, the pleasure of five minutes could either take or add to what one has  been protecting. Here is my question, how will I know which one to take out or add on to what I’m protecting in my life? Sure, you first have to know if you really need the sex pleasure because sometimes we eat but not hungry; I understand it is difficult, but to protect what you have, you have to let go of what you do not need. There are ways to help your sex appetite if you really want to stay clean and remember life is always a choice; all you have to do is to make your decision if you want pleasure than life. One more thing, let’s learn to build our inner self than our physical self because physical self will always demand for what is out there to suit itself but inner self focuses  on just you and survive with what is within in. 
Yeah! What do you think?  Realwithkem 😘

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