Friday, February 23, 2018


“He won’t stop nagging, he just won’t stop 😡😡, we are both angry here. I feel like I'm just making it worse and I’m sure he's feeling the same way. No! I’m the one hurting not him, why won’t he hear me out. I feel like I am in an oven right now and I just need some air or else I will stop breathing. Wait a minute! Why is he getting closer to me? Is he going to hit me or what? Oh! I think I’m freaking out right now". Oh my goodness! I was wrong, he said ‘babe! you are bleeding.’ My nerves got weakened immediately and I starred at him with tears rolling down my cheeks. I cried because I thought he didn’t love me anymore, I thought it was over between us. Then I realized he truly loved me and not an obsession; You know what, these are like two identical twins with different characters. Obsession is an affection or feelings you have towards a person at the time he/she is in your possession; Love is an affection or feelings you have within you to a person without any conditions. Yeah! Real talk, obsession will show you love and make you comfortable because he knows you must survive to be useful for him. You must survive to take care of the children or to take care of him if he is sick, he then believes he can scold you and even hit you if he gets angry at you. Love in the other hands will prefer to hurt himself in the name of anger then to hurt you. Elements of love will definitely pop up during an argument or bad times in a relationship. You can figure it out if he loves you or he just think he owns you. If he loves you, he will cherish and adore you which means he will sacrifice whatever it takes to make you stay in his heart. Both Love and Obsession can be confusing to the extent of an individual not being able to differentiate if they love or own their partners .” Yup! That’s it, what do you think? Realwithkem!

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