Friday, February 9, 2018

Who am I?

     “I’m glad I have the strong voice to make things happen, you know is a lot of work to be a man. Taking charge is always the priority of a man, one never think of going to a party or hanging out with friends at the beach. A man gives order and makes things happen which  makes it important for a man to seek for perfection. Unfortunately, I am not a man but a woman built with elements of a man. Yeah! I remember my daddy always had dialogues with me as a friend. Being the first child of the family, I was brought up like a man which is a good thing in one way but makes it  difficult to hold a man down. Do you know why is tough to be a wife when you are  brought up to have some characteristics of a man? Gender roles play a huge part in some marriages and it is sad because it destroys marriages. When you met her, I’m sure you loved her which makes you accept her as a whole; why then, do you think you can change her? You can’t! She was built to face the world and conquer. It doesn’t matter who take charge but it is important to get things done as a couple. Let’s slow down on gender roles in our marriages  because you are both raised in different ways  and homes. Do not get me wrong, it is good for a woman to be submissive to her husband but still, you both can reach a compromise to maintain peaceful and happy relationship/marriage.”
Now to the house, what do you think about gender roles in either relationship or marriage? Let’s get Realwithkem.


  1. God has created each one as a special being with peculiar roles. However,growing up,being raised,facing life's journey with its challenges changes us and our supposed roles. Take for instance,a woman is to care for the house,children,make food amongst other Wifey duties. But,you find most women working,making money the family spends and still takes care of the children. Some others who are victors of violent and abusive marriage/relationships and are left alone as single mothers and parents rise up to this challenge to fend for themselves. When such women decide to remarry,they are mostly perceived as threats to their spouses just because they are used to their roles.
    Understanding your gender role is important, it must not be abused.

  2. Have missed your contribution on this forum sister, I am glad to read from you again. You made good points as usual and I appreciate your contribution.

  3. Great piece. But don't let us forget about the fact that marriage/relationship become successful as a result of compromise from both end. No side is super power or super natural. We are all equal in the sight of God. But I have to commend you for finding a time to put a piece together regarding such a subject.


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