Friday, March 16, 2018

🌹Innermost 🌸Feelings🌺

        “I thought it was a dream when he opened the door and came right at me. His eyes were red and he was furious. I held him and asked him if he was okay. His voice was very loud and he said ‘I don’t think I can go any further with this relationship, things are not working out and I have to go.’ I said ‘ Do whatever pleases you. I can live without you. I’m sure I haven't done anything wrong.’  Then, he decided to walk away from all we have built together. I never knew he would do it but he did. He picked a few things and slammed the door on me. Wow! I thought I could handle it all by myself. I actually felt his absence and couldn't handle it. The love I have for him is deep within me. Oh my God! I never thought I truly loved him, I shouldn’t have let him go. 
The world is meaningless without that other part of me. This is not happening, maybe I need to wake up from my sleep. He made lots of promises to me. What could have gotten into him or me?”

When sh*t happens in a relationship, we think we can handle it all by ourselves but we lie. The one above all of us, watches us in silence and wanting us to call upon him. Lot of things that happens in our relationships are not war against flesh but inner self. Let’s drop that ego that says ‘Yeah! I can handle it’ and turn it to ‘Father take charge.’ Wait a minute! Why will you let him go if you really loved him? Know one thing! The wind of trouble in a relationship is always temporary, it can stop if you pause and take a deep breath then finally, let the Almighty Father take charge. What do you think?    Let’s get Realwithkem

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