Friday, March 30, 2018

Just mine😘❤️

              “He was backing me and I could view his wide shoulders. Unbelievable, I got lost just starring at him. He didn’t know I was starring while he was busy fixing the flowers 💐🌺 he got me.  He would do that almost everyday. 
He is  real, handsome, and a gentleman 😘😘😘. He talks with passion. He tells me ‘your smile, put smile  on me and your sadness tear my heart apart.’ Hmmmmm, he is my world and I can’t afford to loose him. I want just me and him; no friends, no strange calls. I protect him jealously because I may not survive it if anything go wrong between us. Unfortunately, he said to me one day ‘the only problem I have with you is being too jealous.’ Yeah! He is right, that is the only thing we fight over. I can’t help it, I have to hold him tight because I love him.”

That’s true, if you love him and he is real, you better hold him tight. But, you don’t want to hold him down by just watching over him. It is good to tie your man down with these ropes as good personalities, your soul, satisfaction, pleasure and finally be his best friend and try to get along with each other. But please, don’t drop that jealousness completely because it is considered to be a spice 🌶 in a relationship. We all need to watch over ourselves. We all have the potential to go astray if we have no laws or rules guiding us. 
Now to you! What do you think about keeping what you cherish most to yourself? Let’s get Realwithkem

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