Friday, March 9, 2018

Sweet words😘😘

    “I am his angel, he carries me with care and love. He tells me ‘Having you mean the whole world to me. I will forever cherish and adore you. I can’t do without touching this soft skin. Whispering into your ears give me excitement. You are my  gift of life. My soul will never depart from you. I promise to keep you in my heart now and after death.” His words always make me cry, because when he says it , he looks directly into my eyes and utter the words slowly. I truly love him too and all his assurance of love make me love him more because his words live in me. 
On this morning, as his normal routine, he told me he would be there for me  both in spirit and body; as he was about  going to his car, he stopped short, suddenly dropped on his knees. As  he did, he could not utter a word. I thought the rapture has come because I couldn’t see anything,.
All I could hear was an  imaginary voice  telling me he would  never depart from me. I thought  he just broke his promise because his eyes were closed. No! No love life should end this way I thought.  I need him! 
The Doctor said, he lost his voice. I see him laying in bed everyday but can't tell me how much he loves me  anymore. No arms to lift me up, I’m not even sure if he recognizes me. Do you know what? I tell him  those words he used to say to me. 
I did remind him what we have done together. 
I am still happy because he has fed me with his words when he has his voice, so that kept us alive. I will forever love him.”
One of the best thing in life is to enjoy life with the one you love. The good times you share with your lover give you reason to live long and stay happy. Sure! Quarrels do happen but get over it in a short time because you never know what might happen in the next second of our life. If you are blessed with the love of your life, appreciate, cherish and adore him/her so  you can have good memories to sustain both of you at old age. 
Here is my question; Do you think such love still exist or what do you think? Let’s get Realwithkem!

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