Friday, April 27, 2018

Rejection Love ❤️

                    “I still remember when you moved closer to me, your arms wrapped around me. Your flesh on my flesh and I could breathe in your sweet breath. Your head on my chest felt comfortable and I loved when I wraped my fingers around your neck and I still do. Can you recollect what you said to me? You said it with your lips rubbing on mine, you said ‘I will forever be yours, no matter what happens.’ What happen to those good days? Why will you tell me what you never meant? The lady you left me for is not your choice. Babe come back home! I love you and I do. I can’t just move on! I rather be by myself because I will never find someone like you.”

         For real! We do get it wrong sometimes. We think we have Mr right but wrong. We are free to make our choices but the creator's choice is best for us. Let me explain how this work; our five sensory senses work together with our brain. For instance, the one you loved is kissing you, viewing your beauty , hearing your sweet voice, and feeling you with the sense of touch; what do you think will happen after that? Boom! His sensory organs will take the information perceived by all these sensory senses to his brain. Then an emotional part of the brain will get to work and the sweet words & promises will definitely be released.
            Here is something about love, enjoy it when it gives peace and happiness. However, you have the power to wish it off if your love life is threatening your happiness. All the keys to switch it off are all in the brain. Why do  you think you are still in love with the person that rejected you? You should tell yourself ‘No! I don’t  love him anymore’ if he can leave you for another woman then drop his love and move on.  Steps to wipe his love off are; when you remember him, just tell yourself what he did to you. Don’t even try to remember the good part anymore because that will only bring sadness to your life, it’s over and stop hurting. Add value to yourself and love yourself. When you are done fixing yourself, then go shopping if you like, you will surely get a better man out there. There is always joy after tears. One thing! There is a puzzle piece out there, that will complete the puzzle of your life. Good thing! When you find it, you will definitely know he is the one 😘😘😘. What do you think? Just be  Realwithkem!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Unhappy ☹️ Relationship

    "I will rather stay single than to be in an unhappy relationship. Yes! That's is just the truth! I have my life to live and I also have my choices to make. Moreso, the will power to change my life is within me. I am the best person to give myself an advice because I know the truth and I can't lie to myself.”
For Real! Why should anyone bother about what people will say? Do you know what? People out there will say what others want to hear. The closest person to us can't feel our pain. One thing I sometimes appreciate in people  is that, either in success or failure , somebody out there will always celebrate you. It is also true that even in success someone will still  cry you down. 
The good thing about failure is that it  strengthens your inner self. 
Yeah! I understand is good to endure in a relationship but at what point does it become being endangered. Men have opportunities for multiple trials when it comes to dating with no regard to age. Women are just precious mother, lovely and soft hearted human being that like to respect the woman in them 😘😘😘😘. But still, in a relationship Individual comes first. Relationship without happiness is emptiness. Sure! The love we give to the community comes from our relationship. If we harbor bad relationship that contains tears 😭 then, there is nothing to give back to the world other than, aggression, hatred,revenge, frustration and anger. All this can eat up our soul. Bad relationship is just as bad as soul in a dead body.
Now back to the lady’s question, when is the good time to say no to endurance in a relationship? Let’s  get RealwithKem!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Hurting Love πŸ’•

    “Can you really get tired of loving me? I just need to ask that question. You never complained.You just smile at whatever I say. I mainly love you because you comply with whatever I want. Then what? I meant why the sudden change?”

 It is difficult for a woman to let her man know whether she is hurting or not. She values being your ‘Mrs.’ Woman tends to protect her relationship, integrity and  self esteem. She dies in her silence and cries alone at night. Then develop series of health condition just for love. How will you know if she is hurting? She smiles when you talk and will not contribute a word. She will be cautious when she talks to you. She likes to be alone. Then you know she is hurting, which may sometimes lead to occasional outburst or showing attitudes . And when this happens, the relationship may be at risk. Woman can be one of the best angel in heaven and can also portray the devil angel when she chooses to do so.  Men! Just watch out for your women, let them be your guiding angel because, when they love, it is pure and real. 
What do you think? Let’s get Realwithkem

Friday, April 6, 2018

Lover’s downfall😲

  “ I knew from the first day she is mine. My better half and  love of my life. She is sad when I’m unhappy. She lifts me up when I’m down and gives me strength when I’m feeble. My destiny woman gives me reasons to hold on when I’m spineless. I can’t do without her, I will be empty if she is lost for a second in my life. Unfortunately, I am presently helpless when the table turns around. I can see what she is not seeing, I tried letting her see it but she doesn't. My angel wants to fall into a destructive pit. How can I help her?”
         Conflicts is one of the major problem in a relationship. There is something we should know about conflicts; we should accept the fact that both partners are right but just viewing situation differently. Our interpretation of situations can also be different. Here is my take; when it comes to dealing with conflicts in a relationship, accept she is right, try to make her see sense in your points but with calm voice and manner. If she still wants her way,  please let her have it. The sacrifices you will be ready to offer are; do what you can to stop her fall and to be there to catch her if she did. She might decided to listen to you after her fall.
      Now, let’s help the young man from the story. Is there any other 
ways he can convince her woman? Let’s get REALWITHKEM!

Wrong Turn

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