Friday, April 13, 2018

Hurting Love ๐Ÿ’•

    “Can you really get tired of loving me? I just need to ask that question. You never complained.You just smile at whatever I say. I mainly love you because you comply with whatever I want. Then what? I meant why the sudden change?”

 It is difficult for a woman to let her man know whether she is hurting or not. She values being your ‘Mrs.’ Woman tends to protect her relationship, integrity and  self esteem. She dies in her silence and cries alone at night. Then develop series of health condition just for love. How will you know if she is hurting? She smiles when you talk and will not contribute a word. She will be cautious when she talks to you. She likes to be alone. Then you know she is hurting, which may sometimes lead to occasional outburst or showing attitudes . And when this happens, the relationship may be at risk. Woman can be one of the best angel in heaven and can also portray the devil angel when she chooses to do so.  Men! Just watch out for your women, let them be your guiding angel because, when they love, it is pure and real. 
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