Friday, April 6, 2018

Lover’s downfall😲

  “ I knew from the first day she is mine. My better half and  love of my life. She is sad when I’m unhappy. She lifts me up when I’m down and gives me strength when I’m feeble. My destiny woman gives me reasons to hold on when I’m spineless. I can’t do without her, I will be empty if she is lost for a second in my life. Unfortunately, I am presently helpless when the table turns around. I can see what she is not seeing, I tried letting her see it but she doesn't. My angel wants to fall into a destructive pit. How can I help her?”
         Conflicts is one of the major problem in a relationship. There is something we should know about conflicts; we should accept the fact that both partners are right but just viewing situation differently. Our interpretation of situations can also be different. Here is my take; when it comes to dealing with conflicts in a relationship, accept she is right, try to make her see sense in your points but with calm voice and manner. If she still wants her way,  please let her have it. The sacrifices you will be ready to offer are; do what you can to stop her fall and to be there to catch her if she did. She might decided to listen to you after her fall.
      Now, let’s help the young man from the story. Is there any other 
ways he can convince her woman? Let’s get REALWITHKEM!

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