Saturday, April 21, 2018

Unhappy ☹️ Relationship

    "I will rather stay single than to be in an unhappy relationship. Yes! That's is just the truth! I have my life to live and I also have my choices to make. Moreso, the will power to change my life is within me. I am the best person to give myself an advice because I know the truth and I can't lie to myself.”
For Real! Why should anyone bother about what people will say? Do you know what? People out there will say what others want to hear. The closest person to us can't feel our pain. One thing I sometimes appreciate in people  is that, either in success or failure , somebody out there will always celebrate you. It is also true that even in success someone will still  cry you down. 
The good thing about failure is that it  strengthens your inner self. 
Yeah! I understand is good to endure in a relationship but at what point does it become being endangered. Men have opportunities for multiple trials when it comes to dating with no regard to age. Women are just precious mother, lovely and soft hearted human being that like to respect the woman in them 😘😘😘😘. But still, in a relationship Individual comes first. Relationship without happiness is emptiness. Sure! The love we give to the community comes from our relationship. If we harbor bad relationship that contains tears 😭 then, there is nothing to give back to the world other than, aggression, hatred,revenge, frustration and anger. All this can eat up our soul. Bad relationship is just as bad as soul in a dead body.
Now back to the lady’s question, when is the good time to say no to endurance in a relationship? Let’s  get RealwithKem!


  1. Very valid perspective and valid question...

  2. Let me Begin by saying there is no perfect marriage or relationship but you can make it perfect by endurance.When is relationship endangered??? It is endangered when your spouse begin to batter you both emotionally and physically,the emotional aspect of it could make you loose your mind while the physical is by beating you,using Cutlass,knive,gun,slapping, hitting to mention but few.At this point,you need to run for your dear life.

    1. I agreed with you sister and thanks for the great contribution.

  3. Very true. I was with impossible husband, verbally and emotionally abusive. I cannot even think of giving of myself again because he has damaged me. I will heal, I know, but when? I'm saying, you should say goodbye to people who damage you because there is only ONE you. Much love and thank you for this writing.


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