Saturday, May 19, 2018

Relationship Holes

       There can be a hole in a relationship, whenever partners hold on to something that hurts them. We just have to accept the fact that our lovers are the only one that can hurt us most. In some cases a few of what your partner does to hurt you can be subconscious and she/he may not even see it as something bad. Believe it or not, some of these problems in our relationships are not intentional. Partners may have good intentions of pleasing one another but unfortunately got misinterpreted. So, find a reason in your heart to let go of grogginess.  Love can fade off if surrounded with hatred and sadness. Let’s learn to live with one another because all human are the same; just of different characters. 
    What do you think? Let’s get Realwithkem

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  1. As there is no perfect church there can't be a perfect marriage. Let's only recognised and work on our individual differences.


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