Saturday, June 2, 2018

Decision of Love

       “I can’t just wait to see my love, the one that owns my soul, the only one that I will spend my life with. Being away from him is like leaving a  part of me somewhere. I have missed him so much that thinking of him turned me on 😜. I am sure he can’t wait to see me too because I told him I  have been waiting for him and keeping myself clean just for my sunshine. I can’t  just wait to have the sexy night of my life, yeah! It will be hot😜😜😜. 
Good thing, the flight didn’t take long, but I couldn’t sleep in the plane, just thinking of my babe, my love, my sweetheart. Do you know what? He was happy to see me, I couldn’t just stop kissing him. He grabbed me really tight, wow! I felt secured and loved. Wow! I had a good shower and now bed time 🙈😜. My babe is good in bed, I’m telling you. I made him happy by doing what I know best in bed but the unfortunate part was that, my man called me another girl’s name. Seriously! I was turned off, really! Oh Men! Yeah! WHAT SHOULD I DO HERE? I AM IN A DILEMMA.”
   Help the poor lady out people. What can she do? Let’s just get REALWITHKEM.


  1. Given him what he wants makes her being in serious dilemma. She should just distance herself and let he guy decide on what he wants.

  2. It is a simple mathematics that the guy is really enjoying the other lady more than her. Backing out not really the solution because 90% of men do cheat which you will never know. But the question is what are you bringing to the table,hope is not sex. If it is, you are a liability to the man.


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