Saturday, June 9, 2018


           The warmth of my babe could heal my wound. His hands gently rubbing on my back and feeling my laps could filled my soul with joy. Especially the soft kisses of a loved one could take away the pain of heartbreakers. Feeling his skin on me could just make me feel like a woman. Do you know what? I’m starving from all this I have stated. I love him and he loves me more but I can’t just bear this anymore. I am a cat when it comes to my man but he won’t let me feel him. I asked him, he responded ‘You know I love you, and is in the heart not by you touching me or rubbing on me’ Wow! Really! What happened to intimacy in a relationship? Then he said ‘You know I  have been by myself for some time now so, is not easy’ Oh my goodness! I don’t know what to do because my admirers kept calling my number and  sending me lovely text messages. You won’t even believe it that my ex-boyfriend never stopped telling me how he can take me to another level in bed and for real he was good when I was with him. I think I’m about to make another decision because I can’t sacrifice my happiness for anyone or what do you think?
  For real! We lie on devil or outsiders but the problem and solution are within us. We create our problems and is certain that we have the solution. There is power of love all over us which we are supposed to use for our lovers. Your hands should be a love machine all over your lover and your words should be the key to open your lover’s heart then you can get in with your soul, body and your lips. Let’s use what we have to keep our relationships because life is just too short, let’s enjoy our loved ones. What do you think? Let’s get Realwithkem!

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