Friday, June 22, 2018

Step of Love

     I understand endurance in a relationship but not sacrificing happiness for relationship. Being in love should add value to life not to take valuable things away from life. Even our Lord Jesus Christ left where he was born to another place in other to perform wonders. Jesus Christ did that because he wasn’t accepted in his own home but he didn’t stay there and settle . Jesus knew if he did  he would  be stuck one place and would  not have been be able to go where he was needed. He put sentiment away and took a step by leaving his own home to another place where the name of the Lord was glorified. 
Some people  are stuck in unfruitful relationship due to sentiments, fear of unknown, fear of falling, and  not believing in God’s plan. No one can succeed without falling. It is better to fall at a younger age than to be crippled in an old age; because you can easily get help when you are young and beautiful but unllikely if anyone will stay with a cripple woman/man all life-long . Everyone gets his/her life to live. Being in a relationship should not be about ourselves, it should be about how both partners can make changes to the world, how both partners can touch others people’s life. Is good to think about the plan of  God for us and how it can be fulfilled without being sentimental.
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