Saturday, July 14, 2018

Spoilt brat lover part 2


              It is never a crime to love but it can be a crime when the love is taken for granted. It is easy to spoil your lover owing  to the love you have for him but remember your children maybe at risk of what you call pleasure. Doing everything for your partner won’t give him/her the opportunity  to express his own feelings towards you. You just have to give him room  to prove to you if he really loves you. You can only examine him/her while your eyes are  opened and your brain at work to figure out the puzzles. Yeah! Relationship is a puzzle and you may be lost while trying to put the puzzles together. So! You have to learn how to reason without being sentimental and how to see things beyond the present, finally learn how to handle things maturely. Relationship is not only about the pleasure at the moment because anyone can offer you the pleasure; relationship is about taking charge and building your own world. Now, you found yourself in the hand of a spoilt brat lover; how can you get out of the relationship? Believe me, it is never easy to get out because he will always tell you how much he loves you and how he can do anything for you. Your spoilt brat lover is saying all this for  what he is getting from you at that moment. Remember! For every action, there must be a reaction so what will you expect from him than to make you believe he deserves you. Oh girl! You need a man that can take charge, a man that can lift you up when you are down. Women already have their hands full with their children than to take another burden of nursing a spoilt brats. For real, a spoilt brat lover will eventually leave you for another woman. Easy way to get out, pretend he doesn’t exist and move
 on. Another way, do it for your children, teach 
your male child how to take care of a woman. Let’s build the world from our home so it goes around. Keeping a spoilt brat lover can ruin a whole generation. Let me rest my pen here😜😜😜. What do you think? Let’s get Realwithkem😘

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