Saturday, July 7, 2018

Spoilt Brat lover

           I don’t think it is a crime to love and care for the love of your life. I want you to pay attention to my story and pick out my wrongs.
  I waited for my Mr Right to come to me. I finally met him and I love him with my whole heart. He is handsome , he is everything I wanted in a man. I never knew we can get along due to differences in our  ethnicity  but we do. I even changed my name to his last name and it is funny how people looked at me with a surprise whenever they heard my last name. I spoiled Akeem, I try to do everything for him to be happy. 
Here is the problem, I am not sure if he loves me as I love him. Akeem would  leave the house for a week without contacting me and the children.  When he returns, he usually asks for forgiveness. Akeem can’t even do any hard work than a short cut to make money and  then party with it. He almost ruined my entire life with the last stupid thing he did. He messed up my account and left me with zero balance . It  was hard to feed my children as a result . Tough to survive. I nearly got fired at work due to my emotional breakdown.  Needless to say my job is the only way I know to feed the entire family, him included. The painful part of it is that, he has not returned home for five days now. He didn’t call or pick my calls. It is  painful when you love with your soul and you are not getting it back. Now my children are feeling the consequences of his behavior.  I still can’t understand why I love him this much because he is hurting me. I can’t even do without him, I am helpless and stuck. I am sure he will be back after spending all the money to ask for forgiveness as usual. I don’t know why life is unfair. I waited for a long time before meeting Akeem and we have been together for 10 years and he is still acting like a baby. He refused to grow up. I never bothered how he goes around with girls and ........ I just don’t know. I am really sad and I don’t know what to do.
     What do you think about the woman true life story? Next week! I will write my opinion on this case. Let’s get Realwithkem😘😘

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