Saturday, August 4, 2018

The Storm part 2 😘😘

        It is easy to wish for a change but not everyone can tolerate  the commotion associated with the process . 
The stress of a change may look like destructive  but with just a little patience  there is always a favorable  weather  after a bad storm. Not all storms are destructive some are just God sent to straighten us up, but we never know. 
Majority of us are scared of the unknown . This  can hinder us from climbing the mountain of achievement in life. Relationship is another life on its own. We need whatever it takes to build it with happiness, peace, success, achievements and finally a strong bond. Sometimes in life, we aim for good things but life throws us what we do not expect . We look forward to a turn around which may come in the form of a storm. All we need to do during the storm is to be fearless.  Remember, we can't do anything with the spirit of fear. Furthermore , increase your tolerance level, be firm  and never get carried away by the commotion of the storm; instead, focus on what life will look like after the storm. Remember also you need to experience what will happen after the storm which is always a calm atmosphere . When the storm stops, just clean up and use that opportunity to reconstruct your relationship the way you want it for a fresh start,  and the change you hope for. For real! Pay more attention  to the foundation because a wrong impression at the beginning of a relationship will eventually destroy it  at the time you think you have the  stability. 
What do you think? Let's get Realwithkem😘.

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