Friday, September 7, 2018

Endless Love ❤️

         It is possible to be deceived by the shadow of an image that our heart desires. Then we decide to build love on the fake image with the assumption of being in love. It will eventually lead to heartbreak. 
Do you know something? In most cases we develop interest in  wrong places and sow seed of love in infertile soil. Your dream partner may not be your lover and if you go for it, you may become his/her horse to ride. All humans have the tendency to take advantage of one another. 
I have a suggestion-  that  we thread with carefulness  when we love. You just have to slow down to observe if the thread of love binds you both or you are just making effort to knit it together. For real! Your true love may be passing by you while  trying to make the fake shadow work. Having a mind set of how your partner should look like could drag you into endless search for  love . I used the word ‘endless" because you will keep trying to make him/her love you in return for your love  but instead, he/she will continue to take advantage of you until the whole search for  love turns to hate which apparently  will be the end of the relationship. Let’s get Realwithkem 😘


  1. The shadow of love is infatuation. Love never deceive it. But often time we settle for infatuation that feels like love because the heart wants what heart wants. But we should always remember that perfect love only comes from God. The love of man always wax cold and so we will always search endlessly for love. Always guide your heart so you don't fall prey to infatuation that feels like love.

  2. You are right and I appreciate your contribution.

  3. yes it is true that heart chooses true love and it is true that real love is hard to fine but yet someone can still amend where he/she relationship is lacking with true mind and understanding u can actually fix what have collapse


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