Friday, October 26, 2018

My Angel ❤️

          The rain refused to stop pouring. My clothes were soaked and I could not even find a bus to take me to a safe place. It was a mess and I was helpless. I gave up trying to avoid the rain then I sat on a brick waiting for what would happen next. 
Just a few minutes of sitting on the brick, I saw a creature, tall with straight legs. Spotless skin with natural beauty. She wasn't wet because she was holding an umbrella that shielded her from the rain. Then she cut my eyes on hers and she smiled but I quickly looked away because I wasn't proud of myself at that moment. Yeah! I got that feeling she's mine but I told myself not to be ridiculous. She's too beautiful to accept me as her man. She purposely dropped her pen on the floor which I quickly picked up for her then she looked at me again and smiled. She gave me a piece of paper that had her number and said ’call me please.’ Wow! For real! 
I couldn't have imagined what was happening. To be honest with you, she became my woman, soulmate, and angel. She's my heart, I never knew love could come when you are not even searching for it or least expecting. Undoubtedly, an angel would be missing in heaven because she came to me when things were not right. 
Just because she's my angel, she reached out to me and she would forever be my angel. I always promised her never to abuse the opportunity of her giving herself to our love.


Power of understanding

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