Friday, October 12, 2018

Risk of Love ❤️


             Everyone wishes to get married but  forgets taking a tutorial on how to stay in the relationship. 
I was happy to get married to him and we have three children. Unfortunately, the marriage was dissolved after seven years. He was horrible, we couldn't stand each other. I decided to raise my kids by myself and I also promised  never to get married again. Yeah! I enjoy being in my big house, I hang out with my three childhood friends. Being single is another life entirely, it's peaceful, no one bothers me. I do my  things at my own pace. 
I was proud of myself as a mother on my children’s graduations. They are all good kids. I felt bad when they moved out of the house but still, I enjoy the company of my friends. I never missed not having a man in my life. I also never missed having sex. I don't like sex anyway. There was a day one of my friends came to me and said ’Sholly, I think I will be getting married very soon’. Wow! Really! I think we both decided to be single, why now? We are all grown women but I couldn't tell her all my thoughts. Now, I started feeling empty. This is getting interesting because who is going to want me now. The thought of having a man is now running through my mind. I think I need a partner but not for the sake of sex. I thought being single was the best decision ever, but I made a mistake of not doing my comparison the right way. I compared being in an unhappy marriage with being single. I left out the thought of having a happy and peaceful relationship. I didn't even try to see what a real happy marriage would feel like. Now I'm regretting my act of not trying.😩😩😩😩😩 

That is a story of a lady being shared. Life can be boring if we refused to try new things. No one should give up after falling. We can fall but  not get defeated. Any fall in a journey of life is a lesson, not a threat. We all have one life to live, let's explore before giving  up. What do you think? Let's get Realwithkem😘😘😘

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