Friday, November 9, 2018

Lost Love 💕

        It was a new life entirely. Beautiful place with adorable and appealing creatures. I moved into this new environment at my young age. It's difficult for me to take my eyes off all these gorgeous creatures around here. 
Women are just irresistible.  I found out I could do anything I wanted in this great place. God bless this country. I got myself hooked up with all this enticing ladies. I party with them all nights, for real! Life is beautiful. I never lied to my ladies though, they all knew I have a great wife at home. I even called my wife ‘my mother’ because she's everything to me but these side chicks were just too much. I actually get involved with them and I enjoyed their company. 
I had a blast on my 50th birthday. My ladies spoiled me. After the birthday party, I went home to my motherly wife. I was always happy to return home to her. I called her, ’honey!’ but I heard my voice echoing back at me. What's happening here? I gently walked to her room with my eyes closed, then I opened my eyes but to an empty room. Oh no!!! This  is not happening I was soliloquizing. Right there, I knew my life's empty. My entire life is ruined. I couldn't stop myself from weeping bitterly. Then I got a flashback on how my lovely wife would cry all night on me. She did everything just for me to stop my bad behavior concerning my side chicks. She would even dress cute sometimes and sit in the living room waiting for me to take her out but I never looked at her. I ignored her because I knew she's my wife and she would forever be my wife. I learnt my lesson that freedom is not always what it sounds like but a nice way to ask anyone to build his own world just the way he would like to live in it. 
I can never be happy with any woman because I have lost my true love which comes once in a life time.We should never take anyone for granted in this life. The journey of Life can be successful when you think before taking any step.


  1. This is incredible! I love it. What a "LOST" But it's applicable to both right and left too. But great job. I believe in your eruditibility.


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